BSN Balance Transfer Programme

Transfer your outstanding debts from any other credit cards to BSN. Consolidate your credit card bills with a low interest flexible payment package.

BSN Balance Transfer Programme
Best Interest Rate
0% p.a.
Minimum Transfer
Max Duration
48 months
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Low Interest Plans

Transfer your debt now to enjoy special low interest fees each month!

Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
6 months0% p.a. and  no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500
12 months4.5% p.a. and (3.6% p.a. for remaining months) no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500
24 months4.5% p.a. and (4.5% p.a. for remaining months) no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
36 months4.88% p.a. and  no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM2,000
48 months6.5% p.a. and  no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM3,000

Fees & Charges

Minimum Monthly Payment
5% of outstanding amount
Early Termination Fee

How to apply

Stay afloat in the vast ocean of your credit card debts with BSN Balance Transfer Programme.

More Information

Enjoy ZERO interest rates for up to 1 year by transferring your outstanding credit card balance to BSN Balance Transfer Programme.

How does this BSN balance transfer programme work?

BSN Balance Transfer Programme offers repayment periods of up to 48-months, or a maximum of 4 years. To enjoy the 0% interest rate, you’ll have to take part in the 6-months balance transfer plan. 

For the 12-months plan, you'll enjoy 4.50% interest, similar to the 24-months plan.

If you're keen for a longer tenure such as 36-months or 48-months, you'll get 4.88% and 6.50% interest respectively.

What is the minimum transfer amount?

The amount will depend on the repayment period. For a 6-months and 12-months programme, the minimum transfer amount is RM500. 

You’ll have to transfer a minimum of at least RM1,000 for the 24-months programme, RM2,000 for the 36-months programme and RM3,000 for the 48-months programme.

Additionally, the maximum transfer amount is up to 80% of your available BSN credit limit.

Who can apply for this BSN BT plan?

Only the principal credit cardholders are allowed to apply for the BSN Balance Transfer Programme. 

In other words, if you are a credit card holder with another bank, you can consolidate your outstanding credit card balance and transfer it to your BSN credit card.

What is the minimum amount for monthly repayment?

Besides full monthly repayments, there's another option of minimum monthly repayment at 5% of the total outstanding amount. 

However, if you choose to repay the minimum amount of 5% or part of the credit card outstanding balance, the remaining balance (including the balance of the Balance Transfer monthly installment amount, if any) is subject to the prevailing credit card interest rates.

What if I terminate my Balance Transfer before the tenure ends?

In the event of early termination of the Balance Transfer plan, the whole balance of the installment amount which includes the outstanding principal and interest will be charged to the cardholder’s credit card account.