Protect Yourself and Loved Ones with Maybank’s New Privilege Personal Accident Plan

Maybank is offering some peace of mind with their new Privilege Personal Accident Plan.

Maybank Personal Accident Plan

With all the not-so-pleasant news in the papers these days, it is easy to be incessantly worried about our own wellbeing and that of those we love. Yet sometimes, even with the best of precautions, accidents can happen and we can fall victims to circumstance.

In these dark times, Maybank is offering some peace of mind with their new Privilege Personal Accident Plan.

The Plan provides immediate coverage upon sign up and features three plans:

  1. Myself : RM41.10 monthly or RM434 per year
  2. Myself and Spouse: RM66 monthly or RM696 per year
  3. Myself and Family: RM86.50 monthly or RM910.50 per year

Pay by yearly premiums and save up to 12%.

Under the ‘Myself and Family’ scheme, there is no cap to the number of children qualified* to be covered. Your contribution will not increase regardless of the number of qualified children added.

There is also no medical examination required and as long as you make your premium payments as and when you should, there will be no increase in premium amount.

Below is a brief outline of disbursements:

  1. Total Paralysis - Permanent Disablement: up to RM400,000
  2. Death Benefits: up to RM300,000.
  3. Outpatient Medical Benefits: RM100 per accident for outpatient treatment, RM300 for snatch theft injury (with accompanying police report) and up to RM400 (outpatient medical expenses reimbursement) with actual receipts.
  4. Children Benefits (Each Child): 25% of all above benefits for each qualified child.

For more information on the structure of disbursements and entitlements, you can access an online brochure at Maybank2u.

Qualified is defined in the brochure as an unmarried child over 1 month but under 25 years of age who are not gainfully employed; or a child between 18-25 years who is not gainfully employed and is pursuing full time studies at an institution of higher learning. 


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