Non-Cheapskate Reasons to Wash Your Car Yourself

Instead of taking your car to the shop for a wash, how about being cheapskate and do it yourself? There are a ton of benefits to wash your car on your own.


To many people, their cars aren’t just vehicles to get from Point A to Point B, or a huge piece of metal that provides transport. Many regard their cars as something more, perhaps a friend or even a family member.

As such, many people take very good care of their cars by regularly sending it to the mechanic for servicing, and keeping it clean by visiting the local car wash. What people don’t realize is that there are plenty of benefits to washing your car at home.

Here are some reasons you can start washing your own car too:

Non-Cheapskate Reasons to Wash Your Car Yourself

You Can Detect Problems Easily

When you wash your own car, you’ll be covering every area yourself by hand and be able to spot any scratches, rusty spots or dents that you haven’t detected before. This allows you to know if you need to perform any DIY repairs or get the parts fixed professionally. Most of the time, minor damages like scratches and sub surface paint defects can be polished off easily, so you don’t have to bother your mechanic.

You Can Save Water

A professional car wash uses up to 60 gallons of water to wash a single car. On the other hand, washing your car at home by yourself consumes much less water; only about 15 gallons. You can achieve this by learning how to dry wash your car so that you don’t use water unnecessarily, and minimize the amount of water involved in the washing. For example, if you wash your car under a shade, you’ll prevent water from evaporating faster and leaving water marks which you have to wash off all over again.

You Get to Enjoy Some Family Bonding Time

If you’re a parent, washing your car at home can be a fun family bonding activity involving the whole family. If you have younger children, assign them simple tasks like drying the vehicle with a soft rag after the final rinse. Older children can help soap and rinse the car with you. Not only are you spending precious time with your spouse and kids, you’re handing down important information by teaching your young ones about the technicalities of cars, and why car hygiene in important.

You Get to Exercise

When you wash your own car, you’re actually killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, you’ll get a clean and stain free car, but on the other hand, you get to stay fit and healthy by sweating it out. Car washing really is quite a vigorous physical activity, and the sense of accomplishment after seeing your clean car glisten under the sun is worth every drop of sweat.

In conclusion, washing your own car has many benefits and you should definitely try and schedule it into your busy life. All of the benefits above boils down to you being able to save a lot of resources, especially your finances. If you don’t have a car yet, or are planning to buy another one, you can choose from among the best loans for yourself using our car loan comparison tool.
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