Employee vs Employer: Which Side is Better Off?
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Oh, this one seems easy to answer, right? I mean one of them can just fire the other! But upon closer inspection we think you’ll learn that not everything is so cut and dry. Is it really better to be the employer rather than the employee? Let’s break it down and see!


Employee vs Employer: Which Side is Better Off?


Steady Income: When you’re employed by a stable and reputable company, your earnings are pretty much set. Until the day you leave the job or some harsh corporate restructuring happens, you’ll be able to earn the same salary without having to worry about looking for clients or customers.

Benefits and Coverage: Another advantage of being employed full-time (compared to part-time or freelance work) is that you get benefits and coverage. You may even be entitled to claim work-related expenses from your company. If your talent and skills prove useful, the firm will definitely take care of you.

Predictable Work Pattern: In a full-time work situation, you always know what’s expected of you and your job scope. You can get into the office, go over your task list and knock them down within work hours. No crazy ad-hoc unpredictability there.


Income Is Mostly Fixed: Sure, you can angle for a promotion or earn some extra if you work on commission, but for the most part, your salary is fixed. No matter how many new responsibilities you’ll suddenly have to take on or (in some cases) how many extra hours you put in.

Less Freedom: Often, in an office environment you can’t really work exactly the way you want to. Work hours, dress code, code of conduct, and office culture all dictate the way you accomplish your tasks. Which can be tough for people who value creative expression and autonomy.

Office Politics: Are you the kind of person who loves your job, but hates your coworkers? That’s what we mean here. You can’t just work yourself away from bad coworker experiences. This can be even more draining on people who have a low affinity for social interaction.



Control and Freedom: You have the most say in how things get done in the workplace, including how you want to work, the hours you want to work for, and who gets to work with you at all in the first place. This one is a biggie.

Virtually No Income Ceiling: If your company does well, you can give yourself bonuses, or just pay yourself more in general. You do have the most control, after all. Just like being a freelancer, the better you work, the more you’ll earn.

Clearer Sense Of Accomplishment: As the employer, you get a bird’s eye view of things and can feel better accomplished when your strategies pay off either financially or otherwise. It also feels good to know you’re responsible for a lot of positive things that happen for your company and employees.


Everything Is Your Fault: Having a lot of responsibility also means being repsonsible when bad things happen. And they happen all the time. Your every mouse click affects entire groups of people’s livelihoods and that can be very stressful indeed.

You Have Many, and More Difficult Decisions To Make: Contrary to the predictable work pattern of the employee, an employer’s task vary wildly from one day to the next. The needs of the company are plenty and things change often. You have a lot to think about and you need to know everything thats going on in the company. That’s a lot of stuff to bear on your shoulders every single workday.

As you can see, there is more to being and employer or employee than you may realise. Are you one or the other? Or both? We hope this has been illumninating and you can better appreciate where you are or better aspire to future things!

We do comparisons like this every day on our site and every week on our blog! Check out our previous comparison between freelance work and part-time work! Do you have anything to contribute to this article? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!


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