Petrol Cash Back Credit Card Sign Up Promotions You Can’t Ignore

Everyone tells us that we're petrol rich as a country - so why does it cost so much to fill up the car? Here's something you can do about that - our guide to getting the best credit card petrol rebates.

Can you really get RM755 Cash Back on your Credit Card in six months?

This week we’ve told you about the best Petrol Station Branded Cash Back Credit Cards and the best Everyday Cash Back Credit Cards for Buying Petrol.

Whilst the RinggitPlus team were crunching the numbers we found a bunch of special cash back deals available to new credit card customers. These are some of the best Petrol Cash Back Credit Card offers on the market, but you do need to be a brand new customer and the rewards are only available for a limited time.

Here’s our usual credit card comparison chart:

Credit CardBonus Petrol Cash BackSign-up PromotionNote / Limitations
Standard Chartered Business Gold or Business Platinum Credit Card Sign-Up CashBack, Gift & Petrol CashBack
Capped at RM68 for agent or branch sign-up and RM100 for online signup after 11 December 2012

Note: monthly petrol cash back is only valid if you choose the RM55 sign-up cash back offer
RM55 if you choose the monthly petrol cash back and Touch ‘n Go offer

RM250 - RM300 if you forgo the monthly petrol cash back and Touch ‘n Go offer

SmartTAG valued at RM120 or Touch ‘n Go Card with preloaded value of RM100 if you choose the RM55 sign-up cash back offer
New customers only - not open to existing Standard Chartered credit card holders

Petrol cash back only valid for first 6 months. Offer ends 31 July 2013

Maximum total Petrol Cash Back of RM8,700,000 from 7 November 2012 to 31 July 2013

Any petrol station

Must sign-up before 31 January 2013
Drive Home With A Smile Public Bank -Esso Mobil Visa Gold Credit Card
Additional 3% cash rebate on purchases at Esso, Mobil or Petron service stations is subject to a minimum total monthly card usage of RM500 on other retail purchases (excluding purchases at Esso, Mobil or Petron service stations), capped at RM30 per Cardmember per month.
RM 50 cash back

To claim RM50 cash back Principal Public Bank - Esso Mobil Visa Gold Credit Card Cardmember must charge a minimum retail purchase of RM80 within first 2-month from the date the Card is approved.

Existing Public Bank credit card holders who do not currently hold the Esso Mobil credit card are eligible

Offer expires 31 December 2012

Shell Citibank Gold Card
RM50 Shell Rebate RM50 Cash Back

Must swipe a successfully approved Shell Citibank Credit Card at least 3 times within 60 days after such approval date to qualify for RM50 Shell rebate and RM50 Citibank Credit Card Promotion.

New customers only - not open to existing Citibank credit card holders

Must sign-up before 31st December 2012

These are some really good offers, starting off with the most basic, both the Shell Citibank Gold Card and the Public Bank Esso Mobil Visa Gold are offering sign-up cash back of RM50 for new credit card members.  Citibank will also give you RM50 of petrol credit at Shell while Public Bank are offering a bonus rebate of 3% on top the existing cash back.

The Shell promotion is more straight-forward because you just need to use your new credit card three times within 60 days to qualify. The Public Bank bonus cash back of 3% only kicks in if your monthly non-petrol spending on the new card is above RM500.

The most outstanding promotion for petrol cash back has to be the Standard Chartered Sign-Up CashBack, Gift & Petrol CashBack for their Business Gold and Business Platinum credit cards. Yes, we agree, it’s a crazy long name for a promotion but if they’re paying you RM755 over six months, who cares.

Word of warning, this is quite a complicated deal. The overall cash back will vary depending on how you sign-up (online vs. agent, or branch), when you sign-up (before or after December 11), and which promotion offer you choose. However, you could get that RM755, and that makes this the best offer by a mile.

So how do you earn the cash back? Start by applying online for the Business Gold or the Business Platinum Credit Card after the 11 December 2012 and choose the Acquisition Gifts Option for promotion redemption. This means your sign-up cash back drops to only RM55 from RM250 – RM300.

You make up for this with a 6 month 15% cash back on petrol capped at RM100 per month. In total you could be paid back RM600 in petrol rebates over a 6 month period.  Another word of warning, if you apply through an agent or Standard Chartered branch the petrol cash back is only RM68 per month, or RM408 over 6 months. So it pays to do your banking online!

By the way,  Standard Chartered throw in a RM100 preloaded Touch ‘n’ Go, bringing to potential total value to RM755.  

The RinggitPlus Team’s Advice

It is pretty clear which is the best sign-up promotion for petrol cash back credit cards. You just cannot ignore the Standard Chartered offer. The sign-up package of RM55 cash back and a Touch ‘n Go pre-loaded with RM100 already put them in the lead. But those generous chaps at Standard Chartered obviously wanted to guarantee a podium finish. The maximum monthly cash back of RM100 and 15% cash back rate are practically double the next best offer.

Standard Chartered look like an F1 car in a go-kart race. In fact, with RM655 of cash back and a RM100 pre-loaded Touch n’ Go you could have a good day out at the Malaysia Grand Prix!


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