Apply for a Citibank credit card and win 200,000 Rewards Points, RM1,000 or 40,000 Air Miles

Everything you need to kow about one of the best Citibank credit card promotions there's ever been.

If you’re shopping around for a new credit card, this Citibank credit card promotion is surely one that’s hard to refuse. Just apply for a credit card from Citibank and spend at least RM500 within 60 days from approval date and you could win a Daily Grand Prize of either 200,000 Rewards Points, RM1,000 cashback or 40,000 Air Miles!

Which among the three prizes you win depends on which particular card you apply for:

Citi Rewards Points

Citibank Rewards Platinum Card, Citibank Platinum Card, Citibank Gold Card, Citibank Clear Card and Citibank Choice Card applicants stand to win the 200,000 Rewards Points prize.

Citibank Cashbank

Get a Citibank Cash Back Platinum, Shell Citibank Credit Card or Giant-Citibank Credit Card and RM1,000 cashback is up for grabs.

Citibank Air Miles

Lucky last, folks applying for the Citibank PremierMiles credit card get 40,000.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper to see what the prizes on offer in this Citibank credit card promotion are really worth, and if any one of them are better than the others.

RM1,000 Cash!

First, the 200,000 Rewards Points. As we revealed sometime back, one reward point is worth about 0.5 sen. So 200,000 Rewards Points are worth approximately RM1,000. That makes this prize more or less equivalent in value to the RM1,000 cashback.

Free Flights to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam

What about the 40,000 Air Miles? As mentioned on the promotion page, that amount of Air Miles can fly you to Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. We double checked the cost to fly to those places on Skyscanner, and found that flying to the more distant locations in those countries would set you back about RM1,000 as well.

As you can see, all three of the prizes on offer in the Citibank credit card promotion are worth about the same. You’re not losing out regardless of which one you pick. So make sure that you apply for a card that suits your needs best rather than based on which prize you want the most.

How to apply

Here’s what you need to do to take part in the contest and stand a chance to win. First, apply for a Citibank credit card of your choice. As the promotion runs only until 13 May and participation is subject to card approval, do make sure that your credit card application forms along with all supporting documents are physically received by the bank no later than 26 April.

After applying successfully, you’ll receive an SMS with a contest question if you’re one of the shortlisted applicants. Then, be among the two fastest respondents for the day to answer it correctly and voila! Daily Grand Prize. Simple enough, right?

You can apply for your Citibank credit card here.

The best thing about this Citibank credit card promotion is that the Daily Grand Prizes are not the only goodies you could bag. All successful card applicants during the campaign period will enjoy a Guaranteed Gift of 10,000 Rewards Points, RM50 cashback or 2,000 Air Miles too, depending on which credit card you apply for. You’ll also have to meet the minimum spending requirement of RM500 within 60 days of card approval to be eligible for this.

Amazing Daily Grand Prizes with equally amazing Guaranteed Gifts. Without a doubt, one of the best credit card promos around at the moment.

And here are the terms and conditions.


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