Best credit card sign up promotions – Mach by Hong Leong Bank joins the fray

There really is such a thing as a free lunch. Don't believe us? Apply for a credit card and find out? Which credit card? Read on and find out.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as the old saying goes. Sign up for a new credit card, however, and some banks will buy you not only lunch, but dinner and maybe even a hearty breakfast for the next morning as well. Yes, that’s how much they want you for a customer.

As a follow up to our earlier article which examined the best new credit card sign-up promotions, we’re happy to share that a new contender has joined the category: Mach by Hong Leong Bank. So how does it measure up against the rest?


Upfront Credit Card Cash Back Rebate Rewards


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  • BankCash Back RebateNoteApply
    Standard Chartered
    • RM55-RM300
    • RM100 Mothercare Voucher
    • Cash back rebate automatically credited to new account
    • RM55 for agent or branch signup, RM250-RM300 for online
    • Additional RM30 for supplementary card
    • Mothercare voucher only available to Mothercare members
    • Expires 31 Jan 2013
    Mach HongLeong
    • Up to RM250
    • Exchange other banks’ reward points for up to RM200 cash back rebate
    • Additional RM50 bonus rebate
    • Cash back rebate automatically credited to new account
    • Expires 28 Feb 2013