Catch the Cashback Fever – Apply for a Citibank credit card

Citibank is giving away a generous RM550 when you sign up and spend with a new Citibank credit card.

Cashback fever banner

Citibank is offering you an almost free shopping spree (up til RM550 of course) when you sign up for a new Citibank credit card. If you fulfil the set criteria, you stand to earn up to RM550 in cash back.

It is a simple four step programme:

Cashback 4-step programme

Just apply for a credit card, submit your completed form within 7 business days and upon approval start spending. If your spending reaches the required threshold within 60 days, you’ll receive the designated amount of cashback. For submitting your completed form within the designated time; you’ll receive an additional RM50.

The tier for spending and cashback is RM200 for spending between RM800-RM3499 and RM500 for spending totalling RM3500 and above.

However, do note that the promotion is available only to the first 400 eligible customers who must be new applicants. So even though the offer expires on the 13th of August; you’d best apply sooner to fit into the first 400 approved.

For more information, do read the terms and conditions.

Not sure which Citibank credit card is right for you? Check our comparison tool first.

*Image courtesy of Citibank promotion page.


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