3 Premium Credit Cards for the Malaysian Tycoon

This is the big league, boys. We take a look at 3 of the most exclusive credit cards in Malaysia only available to the most discerning tycoon.

While a credit card may not be the biggest tool in a tycoon’s arsenal, don’t let its trim size deceive you. It’s more than just a piece of plastic; it’s a status symbol and a sign of accomplishment. From exclusive invitation only card memberships to exquisite perks at high end clubs and retailers, premium credit cards have become akin to luxury cars. So what credit card or cards does the Malaysian Tycoon have in his wallet? Today we take a look at three credit cards for the upper echelon of Malaysia’s corporate world.

The Citi Prestige MasterCard

Prestige – Definition: high status or reputation achieved through success, influence, wealth, etc.

With a required minimum annual income of at least RM200,000 and a hefty annual fee of RM1,000, prestige is clearly one of the major qualities required for holders of the Citibank Prestige Mastercard. The price certainly suits the budget of a tycoon, but how does it cater to the lifestyle of one?

A typical tycoon’s life is encompassed by meetings, meetings and more meetings, which usually follows with travelling, travelling and more travelling. Nothing says prestige more than travelling to your overseas meetings in a sleek private jet with the best deals and discounts available exclusively to cardholders. In addition, cardholders can book their own personal limousine at premium rates and get driven around town in style. Why show up at clubs or restaurants in a taxi when you can steal the show and pull up in a polished limousine with a champagne glass sitting in your hand?

Travelling to new regions or countries for corporate functions can be especially challenging when trying to juggle work and pleasure, that’s where having a personal concierge makes all the difference. The Citibank Prestige Concierge is a global 24/7 service offered to cardholders, and essentially takes the role

of a personal assistant. Ever had a sudden food craving while travelling or wondered where the best local shopping haunts are? A credit card concierge will not only recommend great places to eat and shop, but also book restaurants or taxis for you, just like a personal assistant.

After spending all that hard earned money on private jets, limousines and posh restaurants, the card certainly does not hold back when it comes to rewards. The card awards 1 Citi Reward Point for every RM1 spent on the card with no limits on the amount of points you can earn. In addition, the card awards double points for every RM1 equivalent spent overseas; the perfect perk for the travelling businessman. For example, a simple business trip down to Singapore would rake in 5.2 Citi Reward Points for every SGD1 spent (based on exchange rate of SGD1=RM2.6). With a reward system like the Citibank Prestige Mastercard, big spending tycoons can easily pile up on a multitude of points to redeem amazing cash rebates.

HSBC Premier World MasterCard

Premier – Definition: First in importance, order or position

When you become the epitome of a successful businessman, you’ll want to be treated with a certain level of dignity and respect. The HSBC Premier World Mastercard is designed with priority in mind, with an array of benefits that certainly make the cardholder feel appreciated. So how does this credit card establish itself as the premier card for tycoons?

When it comes to shopping, the HSBC Premier World Mastercard spares no expense to give holders the royal treatment with a generous reward point system. The card offers 5 reward points for every RM1 on purchases made locally at certain participating outlets and 10 reward points for purchases made overseas. HSBC reward points work the same way as air miles, with 3 HSBC reward points being the equivalent of 1 air mile. Points can be subsequently exchanged for a variety of perks including free air travel. In addition, cardholders stand to benefit from special deals and privileges from over 19,000 outlets in over 160 countries worldwide. Now that’s premier.

Suffice to say, travelling maintains itself as an important part of the life of a typical tycoon. HSBC Premier World Mastercard holders can travel like a true V.I.P. with complimentary access to the KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge. The KLIA Plaza Premium Lounge comes with a fully equipped business center, making it the perfect location to prepare that last minute proposal or perhaps sip a glass of wine at the bar and knock off those pre-flight jitters. This deal is not just limited to KLIA, as cardholders also receive

complimentary access to over 600 V.I.P. lounges worldwide, ensuring that our tycoons always travel with class no matter where they go.

God forbid but accidents can sometimes happen while travelling abroad for business conferences, especially when heading to new regions for the first time. From injuries to missing luggage, accidents can really put a sour note on trips and more importantly, cost you time and money. Fortunately, the HSBC Premier World Mastercard has it all covered with a whopping RM1.5 million accident coverage.

CIMB Enrich World MasterCard

Enrich – Definition: Improve or enhance the quality of

Owning a CIMB Enrich World Mastercard is like being part of an exclusive secret society of credit card holders. As an invitation only credit card with benefits catered to the frequent traveller, it is definitely the quintessential sidearm of the Malaysian Tycoon. So how does this card enrich the lives of Malaysia’s biggest tycoons?

When you’re a busy tycoon, business meet and greets are practically a daily routine and what better way to exchange pleasantries than over lunch? Fine dining establishments are always a prime choice when looking to impress prospective investors or clients. With discounts of up to 50% at posh restaurants in top notch hotels such as the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, the Marriot Singapore and the Intercontinental Bali Resort, cardholders can confidently pick up the tab on a lunch time business rendezvous. After scoring yet another career defining business deal, cardholders can practice their drive with complimentary swings at some of the most prestigious golf clubs in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

While reward miles are often considered to be a long standing cliché of the credit card industry. The CIMB Enrich World Mastercard stands out by offering a massive barrage of enrich miles, designed for the frequent flyer. Purchases made abroad are given extra priority with 2 miles per RM4 spent overseas, double when compared to the 1 mile per RM6 that regular CIMB credit card holders earn. Additionally, cardholders earn 1 mile per RM1 spent on flights booked online with Malaysia Airlines, a great way to support the local economy while travelling abroad. After racking in all those reward miles, cardholders can enrich their travel experience by redeeming them for free flights or seat upgrades.

Travelling on frequent international business trips can be a tiring and stressful experience especially when you’re stuck waiting in an airport for flight transits. Minutes feel like hours sitting on crude plastic airport benches surrounded by tacky souvenir shacks and overpriced food. CIMB Enrich World Mastercard holders can skip all that suffering with up to 2 complimentary passes into the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge. The Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge is tricked out with everything from professional massages to freshly prepared food, the perfect avenue for a tired tycoon to recharge his batteries after a long day of work.

When it comes to cards for the wealthy, tycoons are spoilt for choice. But these are the few featuring the most premium requirements. Definitely not for the ‘plebeian’ cardholder!


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