Accidental inventions that brought in the cash

The next time you invent something weird or funny, or found a whole new use for something, you might have invented the next big thing.

Not all inventions were made because it was inspired by a vision or an idea. Some inventions were actually accidentally stumbled upon and are earning big bucks for their accidental inventors.


The Botox industry is worth up to £18 million or RM92 million a year and is one of the most popular treatments women seek. In fact, it is so popular that researchers discovered that women are using so much of it that their bodies are starting to develop antibodies making the Botox treatment less effective.

Botox was discovered by the Carruthers couple in 1987. Originally, small doses of deadly toxins were used to treat ‘crossed eye’ eyelid spasms and eye-muscle disorder. During the process, they discovered that it had an interesting side-effect: wrinkles magically disappeared or became less obvious.


Ever heard of laughing gas? Nitrous Oxide or more commonly known as laughing gas was formerly used for parties since it induced good feelings and made everyone laugh - a lot.

Horace Wells, a dentist brought it to a party and his friend who took too much of the gas, gashed his leg but did not even notice it. That was when Mr. Wells discovered the laughing gas might have some other use to it and thus became an early form of anesthesia.

The anesthetic industry is believed to be worth over USD23 billion and growing at 4% per year.


Ever discovered something odd and new? Try marketing it. You never know what will make you money. Here are more accidental inventions.

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