All the Ways Being Single on Valentine's Day is Lighter on Your Wallet
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If you’re in a loving relationship and looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend, then we’re very happy for you. No, really, we are. Go ahead and post pictures or videos of the two of you blowing your hard-earned cash on each other all over our news feeds, we don’t mind at all.

Clearly, you love each other and are willing to go broke to show it. That’s a completely legitimate way to live your life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t feel sorry for all the single ladies and gentlemen out there on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be just fine thank you very much. Especially finance-wise. In fact, it’s possible that you lovey-dovey couples have no idea how much cheaper it is to be free and single.

All the Ways Being Single on Valentine's Day is Lighter on Your Wallet

No Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sure, getting flowers and heartfelt, handwritten notes delivered to your office desk is a great way to show off how good you have it with your partner. And if you’re of the more intimate type, it might be a touching moment of genuine adoration when your better half went to the trouble of getting just the perfect gift, exceeding your expectations. Aww.

But did you know you can buy yourself presents? What’s more, you don’t have to go to the trouble of finding out what you secretly want without asking yourself outright. You already know what you want, because you are you! How convenient is that? Order yourself something special online. Write yourself a note and send yourself some flowers. You deserve it.

No Fancy Dinner For Two

On V-Day, upscale restaurants and hotels also promote opportunities for allegedly discounted dinner dates. How lucky the two of you would be to find out that the Valentine’s Day prices are merely exorbitant instead of just extortionate. Who wouldn’t want to pass up the chance to pay two month’s salary to enjoy food made with ingredients you can’t pronounce, served in portions designed to keep you slim and sexy?

Being single means not having to bother dressing up fancy or taking out a loan to pay for your entrées. Just stay at home and cook all your favourite food yourself. As we’ve mentioned before, cooking is a skill that grows you as a person in many ways, in addition to being cheap. Or better yet, just order food to be delivered so you can keep your kitchen clean and your pants off. How’s that for gastronomic indulgence?

No Movie Date

Some couples prefer to splurge by catching their favourite upcoming movie at the cinema while employing the full services of the luxury VIP seats. Getting all cuddly and going on a full-on theatrical experience in 3D IMAX is fun, of course. If you like saying nothing to each other for 2 hours staring in the same direction in the dark surrounded by strangers.

If an intimate setting to enjoy the best cinematic storytelling is what you want, then why not use local video-on-demand services like Netflix or iflix? Being single means nobody can complain that you didn’t put enough effort into that activity. In fact, part of the appeal is how cheap and easy it is. We’ve even made a comparison chart of TV and movies between the two services so you can choose which one fits you best. Just curl up in bed under your face blanket and you’re ready to roll.

No Romantic Spa Breaks

“Hey honey, I feel like doing something physically intimate this Valentine’s Day. Let’s get a stranger to oil you up and rub you all over, wouldn’t that be great?” We have no idea who was the first to think that the best way to celebrate romantic love is by being mutually felt up by people they don’t know. But it just goes to show, there are plenty of ways to express love in this world.

If you’re single and in need of a backrub to relax, just visit your nearby mall and use their cash-operated massage chairs. The chairs will be empty anyway since everybody is elsewhere doing their lovey-dovey couple stuff together having fun without you. You don’t need anybody else to have fun. Being single is great. Yup.

Do you have any other tips on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day despite not having a partner to care about you and share your most intimate hopes and dreams together, proving you’ll always be lonely for the rest of your life? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo credits: Sarah_Ackerman on flickr.


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