Extreme New Year Resolutions to Save Money

Every year people make resolutions to live better, healthier lives and to save more money. Just for fun, here are some extreme resolutions we found to save money.


Extreme New Year Resolutions to Save Money

It’s more or less official that 2014 is going to be mighty difficult on our wallets: the increase in electricity tariff, petrol, assessment, stationery, and possibly tolls as well, will leave us little to work with next year.

Of course, every year people around the globe look to make resolutions to be healthier, happier and financially fitter and many Malaysians are going to be getting in on the act too.

Just for fun, we scoured the internet and asked around for the most extreme money saving resolutions.

It’s really for laughs, but hey, if you’re interested in giving it a go… we won’t be responsible for what happens!

Save electricity

  • Light candles at night instead of turning on the lights.
  • Invite yourself over to different neighbour’s homes every night to watch television.
  • Build an energy generating turbine in the backyard.

Save water

  • Take fewer showers.
  • If you’ve applied for gym membership in a bid to lose weight; take all your showers and general hygiene practices to the gym washroom.
  • Wear clothes multiple times before washing.

Warning: these tips may also result in you losing friends, clients and possibly your job too as you may not smell altogether rosy! If you’d like more legitimate ideas: here’s an interesting blog post on water saving

Save fuel

  • Walk to work. Even if takes three hours. Who needs gym membership?
  • Or use the help of human-fuelled mobile contraptions such as skateboards, roller-skates or a bicycle.
  • Ration food and work from home. No one leaves the house. Ever (Norman Bates would be proud).

Save money in general

  • Ciggies too expensive? Roll your own with random leaves and newspaper (this is a joke. Please don’t try it!).

  • Become a hermit. Who needs friends and extra social outing spending? Stay home. Preferably alone and in the dark since you reek (from saving water and not showering) and are trying to save electricity.
  • Try the homeless route. Houses cost a lot to live in maintain. Nothing saves money quite like not having one. Stay with relatives, friends, your boss or in a 24-hour McDonalds.

Yes, we are being funny! But then again, as our wallets get flattened continuously from one price rise to another, one does start to wonder where reality ends and ludicrousness begins.

In all seriousness, what will you be resolving to do in 2014?

Images courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net and Wikimedia Commons.


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