Get paid handsomely by just staying in bed
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As part of a bed-rest study, NASA is paying people USD5,000 a month to lie in bed for 70 straight days in order to see how
weightlessness affects astronauts’ health.

They do everything from eating, playing games, talking, and even answering the call of nature by using bed pans.

It may sound easy to just earn USD5,000 a month by staying in bed, but it isn’t easy staying horizontal for 70 days straight. That means no sitting up or lifting your legs up whatsoever. However all of it is for a good cause.

Get paid handsomely by just staying in bed

If Malaysia were to fund such a study for our Astronauts, would you sign up? You’d be a stay-in-bed professional. Perhaps Mondays wouldn’t seem so blue then.

Happy weekend!


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