Mother tries to sell her daughters virginity online

Mother attempts to sell daughter’s virginity for RM5015 and other assorted stories.

It isn’t new or innovative, but a mother in India decided to sell her 18 year old daughter’s virginity for Rs 1 lakh which equals about RM5015. Fortunately for the girl but rather unfortunately for her entrepreneurial mother, the latter was remanded by police through the help of social workers and an unwitting rickshaw driver who gave them the tip-off. The rickshaw driver had supposedly only meant to ‘advertise’ the ‘girl for sale’ but had done so to the wrong people.

Perhaps she should have used the internet. Last October, Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini sold her virginity on auction for a whopping USD$780,000 (RM2.6 million). The salient difference of course is that Migliorini was consensually selling sex where else the Indian mother was attempting to exploit her daughter.

What will people think of next for a quick buck: Breast milk, Souls, Kidneys? Sorry, it’s been done.

Maybe next it’ll be poop.

Oh wait, that’s been done too!

*Disclaimer: This is a sardonic look at odd money-making schemes. RinggitPlus in no way supports or condones human trafficking or any such human rights violations.


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