No Spend November

The month of November is here and for those of us who are keen to have better control of our budget, take a look and see if you're brave enough to take on No Spend November.

The month of November has just begun and we're about the reach the end of the year! If you think you're financially unhealthy to face the festivities that's coming up, why not take on the challenge of No Spend November?

Before you cry out "Impossible!!", fret not. No Spend November doesn't mean you cannot touch your money at all throughout the month. It just means that you need to stop spending on a particular area that can be deemed as unnecessary in the month of November. If you find yourself spending on items that you don't need such as shoes, accessories, expensive meals, snacks or maybe even gadgets, concerts or movies and more, now's the time to cut them out and have enough savings for the festivities coming up.

To those who are interested in joining, you can check out this blog, post about what you won't be spending on in the month and check your progress throughout the month. For the rest of us, I suppose we'll just muse over the fact that we can't use No Spend November as an excuse to not pay our bills!


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