Top 10 things you can do with Kangkung
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Finally there is something that has gone down in price! It has been reported that kangkung has become cheaper possibly due to climate change(?).

So we thought, how can we make the most of this sudden ‘windfall?’

And here are the top ten things we figured kangkung can do. P.S. we will not be responsible for what ensues upon trying some the following!

  1. Valentine’s is coming; why not send your girlfriend a kangkung bouquet?
  2. Feed it to your pets.
  3. Instead of Mandarin oranges boxes for Chinese New Year, how about a basket of kangkung?
  4. Make kindling for starting fires and use it to cook. Be sure to do this far away from anything flammable. Like your house.
  5. Stuff in pillowcases to use as pillows.
  6. A kangkung skirt. Fashion never looked so environmentally friendly.
  7. Cut it up and throw it as confetti at weddings.
  8. Use as a feather-duster.
  9. Use it to paint. Remember that potato printing we used to do in school? Yea, dunk those leaves in a pot of paint and go wild.
  10. Stir-fry and eat it.

If you can’t guess – we’re kidding. Except for number 10 of course.

Top 10 things you can do with Kangkung


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