How to Save Money on Your Balik Kampung Trip

The excitement is building up, so let us ensure the idea of money doesn't start to ruin the mood. Here are a few ways you can use to save for your upcoming balik kampung trip.

Raya is just around the corner and you are probably making plans on how you are going to head back home for the holidays. Being a peak season to travel, you can be assured that travelling back is going to be a hectic affair. In the midst of all that, some proper planning could save you a little money in the process.

With all the other expenses coming out of your pocket for the festivities, here are a few ways you can save some on your balik kampung trip.


If you're from out of town, you probably know a few buddies that are from the same hometown as you. Probably a housemate if not a colleague who intends to head back during the upcoming holidays. Carpool with them and split the cost. Even if your friend is living in Penang and you are heading back home to Ipoh, try hitching a ride to and be sure to chip in a little extra as basic etiquette for the slight detour they had to take to drop you off.

If none of your friends are heading back this holidays or are taking alternative forms of transport, try an app to find you some carpool buddies on Carpool World or Tompang Buddy. You can share the cost of the ride which means saving money and make some new friends during the trip.

Optimal Driving Time

Based on the previous year's news and predictions, the upcoming traffic conditions are very likely to be equally horrendous. What would be a better option, is to drive extremely early in the morning or extremely late at night, the closer to midnight the better.

That way you are less likely to be be moving along with the majority of traffic. This not only saves you a lot of time, it would save your fuel as you would be able to cruise through rather than sit through hours of traffic congestion.

Cheaper Tickets

There is no trick to getting cheaper tickets. If you are flying or taking the bus, it all revolves around the idea of supply and demand. If the demand is good, the price is bound to skyrocket especially closer towards Raya, when there are limited seats available.

Buy your tickets as early as possible and try to head back way before the festivities begins. If you have school holidays or enough annual leave saved up, try and head back even as early as a week or earlier. That way, you are not competing with the rest of the crowd for limited seats and can head back comfortably without the overcrowded bus stations or airports.

Save Money on Baggage Charges

This tip applies to those who are not driving home on their own. It applies more to those who are flying, while one way to go about saving money on baggage is to pack light, there are just some stuff that you need to bring back for Raya. Instead of foregoing and disappointing everyone at home because it was too expensive to carry, send your big ticket items via mail and you could save you a substantial amount.

Balik Kampung Time!

Whatever your choice for a mode of transport back home this coming Raya, do your best to plan ahead as it could help to save on cost. If you are opting to drive home at odd hours of the day, be sure to have a lot of rest prior to the trip to ensure you arrive home safely.

If you are going to buy an airplane ticket, be sure to use your credit card to enjoy some added travel insurance benefits as well as some credit card rewards for all your purchases. Check out our comparison tool and pick one out if you don't already have one that feels perfect for your lifestyle. Do you have any other travel tips that will save you some money on your trip home? Share with us in the comments section below.


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