Hassle-Free Delicious Meals Delivered for RM5 or Less
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In Malaysia, nothing unites us Malaysians better than the topic of mouth-watering, glorious food. Our conversation is centered around food at all hours of the day, sometimes we may even plan what to eat next while we are in the middle of our current meal.

Seeing that a new wave of delivery services has popped up in the city as of late, it only makes sense for us to check it out and list down the features of all the food delivery services available for your convenience. Get ready to whet your appetite as we present to you food delivery services available in Klang Valley for RM5 or less!


Hassle-Free Delicious Meals Delivered for RM5 or Less

Most of us identify Uber as a ride-sharing service but do you know that they have diversified into the food delivery business too? Having begun operations in late September, UberEats had gain widespread popularity thanks to the variety of food and beverages offered by them.

Cuisine Category: Malaysian, Western, Thai, Japanese, Healthy

Delivery Fee : RM5 flat fee

Delivery Time : 30 minutes – 65 minutes

Halal Food : Yes

Payment Terms : Only by credit/debit card

Food Drop-off Method : You can either opt for doorstep delivery or pick it up on your own from the delivery person instead.

Minimum Order : RM15 and more

Pre-Order : Available

Special Request and Allergies : Available

Things you must know : If you already have an existing Uber account and app installed in your home, you would not need to proceed with registering another account for UberEats as your details will be migrated from the Uber app itself.


RunningMan is started by a group of young university students who recognised the need for hot, affordable meals among hungry college-going kids. The name RunningMan is selected as it sounds friendly and easy to remember so if you need a quick fix for meals and am not sure where to turn to, why not give them a go?

Cuisine Category: Chinese, Western, Malaysian Favourites

Delivery Fee : RM3 or less.

Delivery Time : Minimum 50 minutes

Halal Food : Limited as they are still a fairly new into the food delivery business. Plans to increase halal food options is in the pipeline.

Payment Terms : Cash and Credit/Debit Card.

Food Drop-Off Method : Yes. Food is delivered right to the front of your office door so don’t worry about taking time off to collect your food from reception.

Minimum Order : Not applicable. Yes, you can order a meal under RM10 and they will still deliver it to you.

Pre-Order : Available

Special Request and Allergies : Available

Things you must know : Their callers will inform you in the situation that they are unable to proceed with a delivery (usually due to horrible weather conditions or in the situation that you ha) and you can choose to either cancel the order or proceed with it.

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Incepted in 2012, FoodPanda is an international mobile food delivery service, partnering with over 27,095 restaurants in 193 cities. FoodPanda offers delivery for breakfast, lunch and dinner to 6 major cities in Malaysia and yes, Klang Valley is definitely on their area of service list.

Cuisine Category: Malaysian Favourites, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Western, Thai, Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Desserts…the list goes on!

Delivery Fee : RM5 or less

Delivery Time : Minimum 1 hour delivery time.

Halal Food : Yes.

Payment Terms : Cash, Credit/Debit Card and Online Payment Portals

Food Drop-Off Method : Usually the delivery people will contact you should they be unable to deliver your food straight to your doorstep. Otherwise, it’s mostly doorstep delivery.

Minimum Order : Varies depending on vendor

Pre-Order : Available

Special Request and Allergies : Available

Things you must know : As one of the biggest and longest-running food delivery service in Malaysia, FoodPanda may face an influx of orders especially during peak hours such as lunch and dinner time so you may face difficulty in getting a meal during those hours.

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Cooked, the brainchild of a Malaysian who had previously managed FoodPanda, is a startup that cooks and delivers delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to their customers. Offerings on Cooked leans towards a healthy Malaysian-inspired fare so you would not need to worry about indulging in your local favourites.

Cuisine Category: Healthy, Malaysian Favourites,

Delivery Fee : RM5 flat fee

Delivery Time : Between 11.30 am – 2 pm. You can select your preferred time slot for food delivery.

Halal Food : Yes

Payment Terms : Cash on Delivery. For orders above RM200, payment via bank transfer can be arranged.

Food Drop-Off Method : You will need to indicate as to whether you would require your meals to be delivered to you directly during your address registration. Also, as per Cooked’s disclaimer, ‘arrangements to send your food up can be done for residential areas but may not be possible for commercial ones due to security and parking restrictions.’

Minimum Order : Varies depending on area. For Bangsar, ordering a single meal is sufficient for food delivery.

Pre-Order : Available, some orders will need to be placed at least 12 – 18 hours ahead due to limited availability.

Special Request and Allergies : Case to case basis

Things you must know : Cooked also provides catering services so if you are looking to host a small event, you may want to approach them for more details.


Touting to be the best Asian food delivery service in Klang Valley, Mammam boasts an all-encompassing menu of over 30 dishes from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and vegetarian. Apart from that, it also has a brick and mortar eatery which is situated in Centro Mall Klang for walk-in customers.

Cuisine Category: Malaysian Favourites. Food is prepared by the Mammam fulfillment team in a centralised kitchen so food is not prepared on an on-demand basis.

Delivery Fee : N/A (Delivery cost is absorbed in the food cost)

Delivery Time : Minimum 1 hour

Halal Food : Yes

Payment Terms : Cash, Credit/Debit Card and Online Payment Gateway

Food Drop-Off Method : Yes, food is delivered straight to your doorstep.

Minimum Order : RM15

Pre-Order : Available.

Special Request and Allergies : Not available.

Things you must know : There will be no refunds for the cancellation of any 1 Hour Delivery order. As for same Day Deliveries, Mammam will provide a full refund should you cancel your order within 30 minutes of confirmation of your order.

With these food delivery services available at your beck and call, you can now order hot delicious meals minus the worry of being charged a hefty service and handling fee, talk about convenient! To make your meal purchasing decisions a lot more easier, you may want to consider getting a credit card to perform your transactions, especially when you stand to gain reward points and cash back benefits.

Interested to get a rewards credit card? Our comparison page is always here for you to search and compare so that you will get the best rewards credit card for all your shopping needs.


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