New Allianz Cancer Protect Provides Coverage In Malaysia And Overseas
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New Allianz Cancer Protect Provides Coverage In Malaysia And Overseas(Image: Woah)

Allianz Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Malaysia) has launched a new product called Allianz Cancer Protect, which gives you the option of choosing to receive an overseas medical treatment benefit of up to USD4 million.

There are two types of coverage under the Allianz Cancer Protect Policy: Coverage A and Coverage B. Coverage A is straightforward – if you are diagnosed with cancer, 200% of your insured amount will be payable upon approval of your claim.

If you opt for Coverage B, you will get 100% of your insured amount upon diagnosis and approval of your claim. Then, you have 36 months to get a second medical opinion and decide between receiving the additional 100% of the insured amount, or activating the Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit. Depending on what plan you are on, the Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit’s overall limit can range from USD1 million to USD4 million.

Both Coverage A and Coverage B have four plans with different insured amounts: Plan 125 (RM125,000), Plan 250 (RM250,000), Plan 375 (RM375,000), and Plan 500 (RM500,000).

Allianz Malaysia Bhd CEO Zakri Mohd Khir said that having options when seeking medical treatment is crucial and Allianz Cancer Protect lets patients choose the type of coverage that suits them best.

“As insurers, it is our responsibility to cushion Malaysians against financial risks posed by an unexpected illness,” said Zakri. “With this product, we hope to give Malaysians the power to choose how they can fight cancer and provide the financial means to do it.”

Allianz Cancer Protect is available to policyholders aged from 15 days to 75 years old. For more information, visit the official page of Allianz Cancer Protect.

(Source: The Malaysian Reserve


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