This Will Help You Cut Down on Monthly Utilities

Ever get tired of waiting for that video to start playing and stop buffering? Find it irritating when it stops at a good part of the video? If you are one of the many who experience this, maybe it is TIME to change.

In an age that's moving at almost supersonic speeds, all branches of technology and the people who use them rejoice at the availability of equally fast broadband speeds.

TIME recently launched three pretty amazing packages that will surely knock your socks off and change the game of the existing market. Let's take a closer look at them.

The Malaysian Broadband Market

Before we check out what TIME brings to the table, it's only fair to observe what some of the biggest names in the Malaysian broadband landscape have to offer.

The MaxisONE Home plan offers 100Mbps at RM330 and RM398 for MaxisONE members and non-members respectively. Their 20Mbps plan is priced at RM198 while 30Mbps plan stands at RM248 for non-members – both of which are available to members for RM28 less. The 10Mbps plan levies a monthly charge of RM148 but can be enjoyed for RM128 under MaxisONE.

Telekom Malaysia (TM) also recently announced the Unifi Pro Plan that offers 100Mbps from RM329 a month and an early bird promotion that gives you a discount of RM30. Its 30Mbps and 50Mbps plans start from RM179 and RM299 a month respectively.

Let's now see what TIME's brand new plans look like.

TIME Fibre Home Broadband Plans

The first of three amazing selections launched by TIME includes the unlimited 100Mbps plan that costs only RM149 a month. Its capacity is perfect to make online activities a breeze and is best for households with up to 6 connected devices. You can download an HD (high definition) movie in 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

TIME's second plan is the unlimited 300Mbps plan that costs a meager RM189 each month. With that much speed, intense internet activities are taken in effortless strides. It comfortably supports up to 8 devices simultaneously and downloads an HD movie in 53 seconds.

Last but certainly not least is the whopping unlimited 500Mbps plan that costs a humble monthly RM299 per month. This is the type of speed that can satisfy any hardcore gamer – with the capability of supporting more than 8 within the same household, at the same time. Movie buffs need not worry about not having enough time to download their insane list of movies as a single HD movie can be downloaded in a mind-boggling 32 seconds.

What's amazing is all of TIME's plans offer unlimited symmetrical upload and download speeds – meaning usage quota is something that does not exist in their service dictionary! Here's some additional information packaged into a simple table:

TIME Fibre Home Broadband Plans

100Mbps 300Mbps 500Mbps
Price (per month) RM149 RM189 RM299
HD Movie Download Speed 2m 39s 53s 32s
Router Model D-Link DIR-850L D-Link DIR-850L Linksys EA6350
Voice Calls Pay-per-use or RM10/month for 2,000 mins* Pay-per-use or RM10/month for 2,000 mins* Pay-per-use or RM10/month for 2,000 mins*

*9 sen/min for calls to all fixed and mobile numbers nationwide, and 8 sen/min for IDD calls to 60 countries. Entitlement of 2,000 minutes is renewable yearly and must be utilised within 12 months of activation. T&C apply.

TIME to Up Your Broadband Game!

The cherry on top of TIME’s game-changing plan is that it automatically upgraded all of its existing TIME customers to speeds of up to ten times faster than before. Those who have been automatically upgraded are given the liberty of making a one-time switch of plans at no charge at all* and is perfect for when you run into changes in the number of connected devices at home or simply require lesser speeds – all to better help regulate expenses.

Now's the time to make the shift for remarkably smoother internet use.

Incredible speeds and customer-oriented services, now that's what we call value for money. It's TIME you up your broadband!

*Terms and conditions apply.

*Infographic provided by TIME


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  • The 8th Voyager

    Unfortunately, Time fibre is not available in most of the areas.

    • Chow

      You haven't mentioned about the coverage area which TIME only covers to limited area, for example even not the whole KL is covered, which is our capital city.

      • RinggitPlus

        Hi Chow,

        These are merely an option that may or may not be available depending on area.

        We appreciate your feedback and we keep this in mind for the next article we do on this.


      • NKL

        Yes Time only can be accessed at certain urban areas.
        Time should expand its coverage.

        • mahyuddin

          I'm from it covered at rawang perdana for TIME broadband...?

          • RinggitPlus

            Hi Mahyuddin,

            You may go on to TIME website and click on the check coverage section to see if your specific area is covered.



          • Stanley

            What they said it's true. I'm staying at Gambier Height Penang and surrounding Bukit Gambier area have so many high rise and potential subscriber for TIME with your value per ringgit ratio is the highest in the market thus far, furthermore, our area in between 1-2km area radius is not covered by any fibre optic from any telco.

            I have write in for many times and yet TIME still doesn't smell the business potential here.

            • RinggitPlus

              Hey Stanley,

              We understand your frustration for better internet. Possibly in the near future TIME will expand its reach to your area.

              Thanks for voicing out your concerns.

            • Jane Bt Khor Abdullah

              If Time expands coverage like what others do, the infrastructure costs will bring up the cost of services. in the end, it'll be just the same. for now, those under coverage, it's good value - unfortunately, so limited

              • RinggitPlus

                Hi Jane,

                You make a very good point. Maybe in time, with new tech they may be able to bring down the cost as well.

                Hopefully the expansion comes sooner than later.

                Thanks for sharing.

              • Jeremy

                Time is severely lacking in its coverage in most parts of KL.