14 Sweetest Under RM20 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her You Can Buy Online
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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, your finances are a little tight from all the things you’ve had to renew and pay for since the New Year, and you’re thinking of ways to find the perfect gift for your special lady without going into debt.

There’s no need to panic, some of the sweetest and best gifts don’t cost a tonne of money at all, and are just a matter of knowing how to say ‘I love you’. Get inspired with these 14 perfectly budget-friendly, thoughtful, and romantic gift ideas for your Valentine – all available at just a click of a button.

14 Sweetest Under RM20 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her You Can Buy Online

A Cute Dress

Choose the perfect dress for your lover and get it to be delivered right to her doorsteps on Valentine’s Day. Want to heighten the romance on this special day? Leave her a note with instructions to wear the new dress, a time and place to meet, and surprise her with a candlelight (but economical) dinner.

Where: iShoppeMall

Price: RM19.90

Mini Album Kit

What better way to commemorate your most precious memories together than a cute assemble-yourself mini album?

Where: Typo

Price: RM20

Chic Diary

Is she the creative type who loves to express herself with the power of words? Show her how thoughtful you are by gifting her a diary.

Where: Typo

Price: Starts from RM3

Cool Pen

Every girl loves cute stationeries, and Typo doesn’t disappoint in that department. From a cat to a pretzel shaped pen, Typo has a range of cool and interesting designs to suit your lady’s personality.

Where: Typo

Price: Starts from RM2

Cute Coin Purse

Appeal to her cutesy side with a trendy and practical coin purse. Choose from a range of unicorn motif to glitter coin purses and watch her go, ‘Awwwww’.

Where: Cotton On

Price: Starts from RM10

Trendy Shawl

Much like dresses, ladies can never have enough shawls. Besides, it’s a thoughtful gift, and they’ll never guess its price tag.

Where: Zalora

Price: RM19.90

Handmade Jewelry

Sure, you didn’t exactly make the jewelry yourself, but it’s the thought that counts right?

Where: Etsy

Price: Starts from RM6.20

Minimalist Handmade Jewelry Dish

It’s cute, it’s super practical, and it helps her organize her many pieces of jewelry. It also adds a touch of charm to her bedroom with itás simple and minimalistic design, what’s not to love?

Where: Etsy

Price: RM10.03

Sleek Graphic Watch

Is she always late to your dates? Present her with this sleek fashionable graphic watch that will go with any outfit as a (not so) subtle message. Whether she gets the message or not, she’ll still appreciate this charming gift.

Where: Zalora

Price: RM19

Fashionable Handbag

Ladies and handbag are inseparable. Choose the style that best suits your lady and surprise her with a would-be new favourite handbag!

Where: Lazada

Price: Starts from RM13.60

Seductive Body Mist

Invoke the playfulness in her with the sweet and seductive notes that will soon be your favourite scent in the world. As Coco Chanel had once said,’ No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory’.

Where: Elianto

Price: RM10

Coconut Creamy Body Wash

Help her relax after a long day at work with the calming scent of coconut each time she steps into the bathroom. Nothing spells intimate (but economical) gift like a great smelling body wash.

Where: Sephora

Price: RM20

Pampering Bath Bomb

Surprise her with a pampering and relaxing bubble bath right at home. Dim the lights and have some scented candles ready to set the romantic mood. Show her how caring you can be by having a few of her favourite books and tea ready right next to the bath and let her sink into bliss.

Where: Sephora

Price: RM12

Easy-To-Care-For Air Plant

Skip the roses, send her an air plant that lasts long after the Valentine’s Day has gone to symbolize how your love is for her: Timeless.

Where: Mudah.my

Price: Starts from RM20

Choosing the right gift for your special lady is all good and well, but remember to let her know – in words – how precious she is to you and her love for you will grow no matter what gift you buy her.

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