RinggitPlus The Great Escape Campaign FAQ 2018

From 12 November to 14 December, sign up for a new credit card or personal loan through The Great Escape Campaign with RinggitPlus, and get yourself some amazing travel freebies!

Q: What is The Great Escape Campaign about?

The Great Escape Campaign rewards you for making new credit card and personal loan applications via RinggitPlus. Approved applications with any of our five participating banks will guarantee you exciting campaign gifts and a chance to win our sweepstake gifts!

Q: Which banks are part of The Great Escape?

The five participating banks are:

For credit card applications For personal loan applications
Citibank,  HSBCRHB,
Standard Chartered Bank
Alliance Bank,  RHB
Q: What are the gifts offered under The Great Escape campaign?

Successfully apply for a credit card or personal loan under The Great Escape Campaign and here’s what you can get:

Credit card or personal loan Free campaign gift
Citibank credit card DJI Tello Drone
HSBC credit card RM500 Lazada e-voucher
RHB credit card Acer Iconia One 7
Standard Chartered credit card Xiaomi Amazfit Pace
Alliance Bank personal loan
  • 1x RM350 AirAsia e-voucher
  • 1x RM100 Lazada e-voucher
  • 1x RM50 Agoda e-voucher
RHB personal loan
  • 1x RM350 AirAsia e-voucher
  • 1x RM100 Lazada e-voucher
  • 1x RM50 Agoda e-voucher

You will also be in the running for the chance to win our grand sweepstakes gifts, which are:

  • 1x Volkswagen Polo (yes, you read that right, that’s an actual car!)
  • 1x RM400 Petronas gift card
  • 1x RM400 Touch ’n Go card
Q: How do I apply?

It’s really simple. Just apply for a qualifying credit card or personal loan (as stated on the individual banks' T&C) on ringgitplus.com during The Great Escape campaign period (12 November 2018 – 14 December 2018).

Q: How long is the approval process?

Each bank has different processing timelines for different products, and thus it is at the bank’s discretion. Customers will be notified by the bank once the bank has started processing their applications.

Q: How and when can I get The Great Escape gifts?

For credit cards, you will be eligible for your gift after your card is approved, received, and activated. For personal loans, you will be eligible after your loan has been approved and disbursed.

Once the bank has notified RinggitPlus of the card activation or loan disbursement, RinggitPlus will send your gift to you within 28 working days. Find out more about the T&Cs and voucher redemption here.

Q: If I apply for more than one credit card or personal loan, can I get multiple gifts?

Yes, you can get more than one campaign gift if you get your credit card approved and activated or personal loan approved and disbursed from the different participating banks. However, if you are making multiple applications from the same bank, you will only receive one set of The Great Escape campaign gifts once you activate your card or have your loan disbursed.

Q: I already have a credit card or personal loan with one of the banks. Am I still eligible for the gifts if I apply for another card with the same bank during this campaign?

You will not be eligible if you already have a credit card with the bank you are applying from.

Q: How will the sweepstakes draw work?

To be in the running for the grand sweepstakes prize, you will have to have your credit card or personal loan approved and activated or disbursed by 28 February 2019. RinggitPlus will be doing a live show of the draw session in March 2019, where we announce the lucky winner of a shiny new Volkswagen Polo!

Q: If my application is rejected, am I still eligible for any gifts?

No. Only applications which have been approved by the banks are eligible for gifts from The Great Escape Campaign.

Q: How long will this promotion be available?

RinggitPlus The Great Escape Campaign will run from 12 November 2018 to 14 December 2018.


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  • Hii

    Hi Ringgitplus,

    Previously for credit card application under The Great Escape Campaign, the free campaign gift is Airasia e-voucher, Lazada e-voucher and Agoda e-voucher but now have changed to electronic products.

    I applied the credit card before these changes on free campaign gift, do I still getting the Airasia e-voucher, Lazada e-voucher and Agoda e-voucher during the time I applied?

    • RinggitPlus

      Hi, Vince

      You will still get the e-voucher set since you applied for the credit card before the changes were made. If you have any further enquiry, do contact us via email ([email protected]) or (03 7890 0808).

      Thanks for the question and we hope this helps.