3 Simple ways to grow your personal finance knowledge

by Kris

Personal Finance News

Knowledge is indeed power! And with the correct knowledge and skill set, money is everywhere for the taking. So what is the best way to gain financial knowledge without burning a hole in your pocket by attending expensive seminars and trainings? Here is KnowThyMoney's list of tricks to better personal financial management.

Be an avid reader

It's important to be well read in anything finance related. It is not true that information overload will occur with the age of technology and the world wide web. Every article/book is written in the author's perspective view on the subject matter and thus, there will always be differences to opinions and approaches that you can learn from. The main advantage of being an avid reader, is training your mind to view things from different perspectives, hence developing out-of-the-box thinking.

Find a good mentor

Most people take for granted the importance of finding a good mentor in life. Having a mentor can save you a lot of time and ease the learning curve by avoiding the usual mistakes people make in their personal finance journey. Multiple expert mentors from diverse backgrounds is truly a blessing. The hard part is of course finding a good mentor that is really interested in helping you growth and reach your financial (and personal) goals.

Action! Action! Action!

Knowledge without action is useless. So don't fear failure, just take the plunge to do something after you have planned it out. If you never try , you will never know whether it will succeed or not. Regret is the worst thing to endure in life.

So here you have it. Knowledge is key. So Know Thy Money so you can make your money work for you instead of being a slave to it.

This was brought to you by Kris from financial portal, KnowThyMoney.