Handy Hand Gestures to Use When You're Broke
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Let’s be honest: money is a tricky subject to talk about. That’s why we have a whole site devoted to explaining things and discussing money. It’s especially hard to talk about money when you don’t have enough of it with you.

We’ve all been broke at least once before in our lives and it can be hard to communicate. Particularly when our friends or family invite us to do things we can’t exactly afford at the moment. So how do we solve this problem? One way to go about it is by using sign language. Here are some hand gestures you can use when you’re out of money but don’t want to say it out loud!

Money Hands

Handy Hand Gestures to Use When You're Broke

This one is obvious, isn’t it? You’ve seen this and made them yourself probably. Rubbing your thumb and forefinger together can mean some money is headed you way, you’re showing how impressed you are to another person at how rich a third person is, or to celebrate a healthy windfall. However, if you pair this gesture with a frown, your money troules should be clearly communicated.

Thinking / Praying

This one is often pulled out during serious discussions regarding money. Or when you’re trying to figure out the right combination of words to form a sentence that communicates how broke you are, without implying that you’re a loser who got yourself into this situation through poor money management. When used often and with enough sighing, your conversation partner will no doubt think, “Oh, this guy thinks over every payment. Best not ask for any money.” Easy.

Tiny Pinch

When you’re broke, you can only afford just enough of something or just a little bit of it. Which is fine. You know where to go for top tips on good financial habits, so you’ll get back on your feet in no time. But on your way there, you use this gesture often. To ask for juuuust a little bit more. As in, more time to pay off something, more soup in the bowl, or more patience from your creditors as you get your finances back on track.

The “OK”

Wait a minute. You don’t have any money. Why would you ever have a reason to say you’re “OK”? Because answering in the affirmative to an expensive outing implies you’re going, and saying no would be quite rude. But OK doesn’t really mean either of those, does it? It just means okay. You’ll be okay. Just let your friends and loved ones have fun without you. You’ll be fine. Eventually.

Want to see these gestures in action? Check out our video below:

On a more serious note, whether you have problems with your student loans, credit card debt, or personal loans, we have the right information to help you out. Have anything to add to this article? Do share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments section down below!


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