Newly Earned AirAsia BIG Points Will Expire After 24 Months

by Jacie Tan

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Newly Earned AirAsia BIG Points Will Expire After 24 Months

AirAsia BIG has updated its BIG Points expiration policy, which will go into effect from 1 June 2019. Following the change, all newly earned BIG Points will expire after 24 months from the date of issuance.

Previously, BIG Points remained valid when you made at least one earning or redemption transaction in a period of 36 months. So, as long as you earned a BIG Point or made a redemption once every three years, your BIG Points would stay valid – which made it so that points expiry was only an issue for the most inactive BIG members.

Now, AirAsiaBIG members will have to make sure to redeem their BIG Points within two years from the date they earned them, or the points will go to waste. However, BIG Points earned from non-AirAsia partner merchants or awarded under specific promotions or campaigns may have different expiry dates, which will be stated on the respective partners merchant or campaign terms and conditions.

Note that this change will apply to all BIG Points earned before 1 June 2019; points earned before that will follow the previous terms subject to change by AirAsia BIG.

(Source: AirAsia