Should the Data Upgrade From Maxis Affect Your Phone Plan?
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In the recent weeks, telco (telecommunications) giant Maxis has been under a lot of flak from angry netizens who have taken their frustrations directly onto the internet. They accused Maxis of having preferential customers as well as having uncompetitive rates.

This public relations nightmare has forced Maxis’s hand to not only apologise to their existing customers, but to actually offer a better temporary package to compensate their existing customers and protect their revenue base from being ported out to the competitors.

Should the Data Upgrade From Maxis Affect Your Phone Plan?

They have since mentioned that they had packages in the works but are not prepared for its full roll out. In the mean time they are providing an additional 3GB data for all their customers on MaxisOne plans.

If you were a Maxis subscriber would it be wise to stick around till they have a new offering or would it better to port out? On that same note, is the temporary 3GB of additional data a sign of things to come and time for others to port into Maxis instead?

Here are some comparisons of the telco companies mobile data current offerings for individual users (excluding business and family plans):

Plans RM 50 and Below

Service Provider Price Mobile Data Quota
Digi Postpaid 28 RM28 1GB
U Mobile – U28 RM28 3GB
Celcom – First Blue Internet RM45 2GB (Additional 2GB Weekend Data)
Celcom – First Blue RM45 2GB (Additional 2GB Weekend Data)
Maxis GO plan RM48 1GB (Additional 1GB 2am-7am)
Digi Postpaid 48 RM48 3GB

Plans from RM51-RM100

Service Provider Price Mobile Data Quota
Digi Postpaid 68 RM68 6GB
U Mobile – P70 RM70 7GB (additional 8GB data is a promotion till 31st December 2016)
Digi Postpaid 78 RM78 7GB
Digi Postpaid 80 RM80 7GB (additional 3GB weekend data)
Celcom – First Gold RM80 5GB (additional 5GB weekend data)
MaxisONE plan 98 RM98 1GB + 3GB (temporary additional data)
Digi Postpaid 98 RM98 10 GB
Celcom – First Gold Internet RM100 6GB (additional 4GB weekend data, 12GB from 1am -7am)

Plans from RM101 and above

Service Provider Price Mobile Data Quota
Digi Postpaid 128 RM128 9GB
MaxisONE plan 128 RM128 3GB +3GB (temporary additional data)
Digi Postpaid 148 RM148 14GB
Celcom – First Platinum RM150 9GB (additional 9GB weekend data)
MaxisONE plan 158 RM158 5GB +3GB (temporary additional data)
MaxisONE plan 188 RM188 8GB +3GB (temporary additional data)
Digi Postpaid 238 RM238 20GB
Rates obtained from: Maxis ; Celcom ; U Mobile ; Digi

We are well aware that picking out a plan goes beyond just pricing. It of course depends on coverage area, quality of service, data speed, etc.

With the growing need for mobile data and strong competition, rates have been gradually decreasing over the years. If you think there is a better package being offered by a different service provider you would like to try, you could give it a shot and switch to any of the packages mentioned above. Should you find the line unsatisfactory, you could always port back to your original service provider.

As an average consumer many of us get comfortable with our mobile plan and service provider. More often that not, we end up maintaining an outdated plan as it is always the convenient option to just keep paying the monthly payments without researching if there was anything better in the market you could benefit from.

Since we have taken the liberty to do the mobile data portion of research for you in terms of internet quota and price, feel free to take advantage of the offerings currently in the market and port over if necessary to receive better value. While we’re on the topic, do check out our list of best mobile broadband plans in the country.

Have any recommendations or stories to share with us concerning our discussion up top? Feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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