Top 5 Credit Cards for the Young Professional

Have you recently started your first job? Let's take a look at the top 5 credit cards that will guarantee to manage your busy lifestyle.

Life after university would mean to most people – getting a steady office job, a solid pay-cheque, and enjoying the weekends off before one day settling down to start a family . In the meantime, there are bills to pay and rent to make, so how would a young professional such as yourself be fiscally responsible while still having the time of your life?

The answer might be as simple as having the right credit card in your pocket. Let’s take a closer look at credit cards suitable for the young and savvy suburban dweller.

Citibank Clear Visa

Let’s face it; many of us are merely working for the weekend. If you’ve worked hard, then you deserve to play hard. But you live in the big city and the drinks are expensive, what do you do? Impress your friends with complimentary VIP entry and 15% discount on drinks at Zouk Kuala Lumpur with the Citibank Clear Visa.

Now, partying on a Sunday night is almost never a good idea, but thankfully, this Citibank credit card has got you covered for that much needed morning pick me up with a buy 1 free 1 drink at participating Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets nationwide. In addition to that, enjoy buy 1 free 1 movie tickets every Friday night at not one, but all three major cinema outlets in Malaysia – GSC, TGV and Cathay Cineplexes. Other privileges include 3X reward points whenever you should at trendy retail outlets such as Topman, Quiksilver and La Senza – Hey, you can’t wear the same shirt to work every day. 

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With the sleek and trim RHB EVO Visa, you will be entitled to 20% cashback at selected amusement and entertainment outlets, great for those always on the move - whether you’re at the gym perfecting your squats, or just passing the time catching a movie with a friend.

But really, if you’re one of those people who enjoy working out after a long day at work, this credit card is just what you need. You will have the benefit of having 14-day free access to True Fitness, plus 2 sessions of Bikram Hot Yoga worth RM359 for you and a friend. Not only that, get the motivation you need when pumping iron with your free 1 month WOWLOUD Premium Plus account, Malaysian’s biggest online music service - with literally millions of songs to discover, your illegal downloading days are over! 

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Hong Leong Wise

Cardholders are eligible to receive an attractive 10% cashback when choosing two out of 10 possible cashback categories for the Hong Leong Wise Card - mobile, groceries, pharmacies, petrol, dining, departmental, book stores, utilities, entertainment and travel, making it indispensible when paying for your weekly grocery supplies, which can be very expensive when you’re stocking up on chips and ice-cream.

The great thing about this plan is that mobile cashback will be included as a bonus for all cardholders. So if you’re always on your iPhones, taking selfies, instagramming food, or simply making business calls – a 10% cash rebate will definitely help to soften the blow of your ever growing phone bill. Any young working adult above the age of 21 earning at least RM36000 a year can apply for this credit card, making it easy to apply. 

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Hong Leong Mach Visa

The Hong Leong Mach Credit Card is catered specifically to the Gen-Y crowd , with emphasis on cash rebates for a wide range of lifestyle activities. You will get to choose from 12 categories to cater to your individual needs, with cashback rates ranging from 1% to 10%. If you manage your credit card spending properly, contrary to what the older generation think about our spending habits, you can save up to RM5400 per year from dining, movies, concert tickets and more.

Basically, there are 3 separate packages to choose from - Trendsetter, Savvy, Social, and Others. Unlike the Hong Leong Wise card, you will have the benefit of getting 1% cashback on your online shopping – something Malaysians are slowly catching up to, as we get busier by the day, having no time to leisurely stroll our favourite shopping mall. Some call it a national pastime. 

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UOB One Visa Platinum

Driving around looking for a parking spot every morning can be detrimental…to both your sanity and gas tank. Count on the UOB One Visa Platinum to give you a 5% cash rebate on your petrol spend, up to RM500 a month. It gets even better, as you will also be getting 5% cashback at cinemas, with no minimum spend – Perfect for when unwinding during your days off with your other half.

Additionally, other purchases are entitled to cashback under the SMART$ Rebate Programme, there are additional cash rebates to be had, up to 10%. Other benefits include dining privileges at over 1000 restaurants and UOB InStore, a 24 hour online store where you can shop in ultimate comfort and earn even more cashback!

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  • Jhene

    I only got a wallet full of receipts, and a few debit cards. Not sure whether to apply for a credit card yet. I've just started work, what's the optimal waiting period before I can apply for a credit card? Thanks.