Top 5 Highest Paid Fresh Graduate Jobs in Malaysia 2014

Having trouble deciding which career path to take? We might just have something that could help you out! Let's take a look at the 5 best paying fresh graduate jobs in Malaysia in 2014.

Everyone wants to find a job that they love – but more often than not, this doesn’t necessary mean it’s the job that they need. Unless you plan on living life on the edge, finding a career that pays the bills is ideal in today’s tough economy.

Unsurprisingly enough, a recent survey conducted by Nielsen showed that when it came to choosing a job, jobseekers in Malaysia considered salary as the most important factor.

The Top 5 Fresh Graduate Jobs According to JobStreet

Thanks to a new salary matching feature by, candidates can now be matched to jobs based on their desired salary. They are the first job site in Southeast Asia to have done so. In addition to this, also conducted a study to find out what the highest paying jobs in Malaysia were.

The results were pretty interesting:

5 Sales - Engineering / IT (RM2,612/month)

This field isn’t exactly like consumer sales; instead, it relies more on the salesperson having in-depth technical information and problem solving skills about the product or service. This is so that he or she will be able to provide advice and support to the customer.

A keen interest in all things engineering and IT will be beneficial as the IT industry is constantly developing and changing.

4 Doctor (RM2,719/month)

Here, we have the one job position that many, if not all, parents secretly hope their children will take an interest in. Not only is it a noble profession that garners a lot of respect where one will be able to serve others and save lives, but the job itself also pays considerably well.

Since there is a need for most of the doctors to be at work for irregular, and sometimes very long, hours due to the need for them to be on call, they are able to command a higher pay as their years of experience increase.

3 Sales - Financial Services (RM3,054/month)

Financial services actually encompass a broad range of organizations that manage money. The individuals who work in this industry are the ones who are qualified to "sell securities to individuals, advise companies in search of investors, and conduct trades." This is in addition to the basic sales skills of managing consumer behaviour and maintaining relationships.

Some of the primary responsibilities that are tasked to these financial salespeople would be to determine the financial needs of clients as well as the areas of improvement in order to assist them in achieving financial security.

2 Corporate Strategy (RM3,200/month)

Concerning the need for companies to create value across different businesses, this field requires its strategists to understand the way that the operations of a corporation harmonise together to achieve its goals as well as its overall scope and direction.

You will be required to know how to respond to pressure from competitors as well as external issues that involve the needs of customers. This is called strategic planning for the company in order to position the company towards its chosen approaches.

1 Pharmacy (RM3,640/month)

Finally (but not least), we have the top field that a fresh graduate will be able to rake in the big bucks with: pharmacy.

What immediately pops into your head as you read that word? The person in the oversized white lab coat who stands at the back of places like Guardian or Watson's? 

That's quite correct, yes, but did you also know that in this field, a pharmacist is able to work in different sectors such as in nuclear pharmacy, which involves preparing radioactive materials for diagnostic tests and for treating certain diseases.

To put it simply, it is essentially a science that requires precise techniques to prepare as well as dispense drugs and medications. The primary aim for pharmacists is to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.

So there you go, the five jobs that will give you the best pay once you step out (freshly minted) from your tertiary institution.


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  • whatyouwant

    better have part-time job on weekend. Tak cukup makan like this.

    • Kerrigan

      I can't help but feel that these figures are a little off. RM2,719 as a doctor!?

      • Yes you are right.An intern or houseman take home no less than $4000 per month and working on shift with a total number of hours not exceeding 60 hours per week.Doctors are the most well paid graduates today.

      • Mr. Exclusive

        My career path will now change after reading this.

        • Blondie

          It's the sad truth- money is everything!

          • Ray

            Being a tutor or lecturer is also great. As I still remember, my salary was RM2700++ (tutor at IPTA) and it can reach up to 3k or more for IPTS. Unless the salary you mentioned is just the basic salary without allowance. As to be a tutor or to qualify to be entitled for young lecturer scheme, you only need a bachelor degree with a good result

            • terry

              i'm consider lucky enough to have sales position that not even doing sales and get paid for 3500...but you need to find big company and confident enough to take the job..

              • Happy Employee

                Hunting higher salary is everyone to-do-list after graduation and perhaps is not easy to get that kind of job in no experience level. For me, just find a job that really suit your interest, match your career target and in other words, a job that makes you feel happy to work with. This sound cliche, but I always believe, once you have enough experience, you can boost your salary up, as much as you want, sell your specialty, demand for better or own a business! I think this page should link with Jobstreet study on percentage of employee in Malaysia who do not like with their current job :P