Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples To Enjoy Together
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Practical Valentine’s Day Gifts For Couples To Enjoy Together

It’s that time of the year again, when thinking of presents becomes extremely difficult and people are spending a lot just to impress their significant other. Do you have this problem of not knowing what to give your partner for Valentine’s Day? Or are you just tired of receiving gifts that are not practical for you to use? Here’s a list of gifts that you and your partner can enjoy together.

Amazon Kindle

If you both enjoy reading books, you and your partner would appreciate having a Kindle. Downloading e-books on your Kindle is a good solution if you can’t find some of your favourite books in your local bookstore, and is an environmentally friendly alternative too!

That said, if the both of you are voracious readers, perhaps two Kindles would do the trick.

Polaroid Camera

A Polaroid camera is a great tool to preserve memories in a fun and creative way, especially if both of you enjoy taking photos. It’s also a good gift because you get to decorate your space with all your favourite snaps. A Polaroid camera is also portable so you can bring it around with you on trips, dates, or even spontaneous outings.

Fitness Trackers

Adventurous couples will love the idea of getting fitness trackers together. You’ll be able to track your distance travelled together and go on hikes, evening jogs, morning walks, and even the gym. There are so many different fitness trackers from Fitbit, Honor, and Xiaomi that range from as low as RM80 all the way to the RM1,000 mark. Couples who work out together, stay together!

Nintendo Switch

Everyone is raving about the Nintendo Switch now, no thanks to Nintendo’s take on a portable gaming console. Couples who enjoy gaming will definitely enjoy getting one. From the competitively fun 1-2 Switch mini games, the epic gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the brawling fun of Super Smash Bros, or even the throwback Pokemon: Let’s Go!, there’s plenty of games to keep both of you equally entertained.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are great for anyone of any age group. They leave your space smelling good and help with health conditions like sinus, flu, headaches, and even sleeping problems. Some diffusers can be used as a night light as well and a dual-functioned gift is always the best. Take care of your significant other by setting the mood with different scents.

Spa/Massage Therapy

A couple massage is a real thing! You could book a double-bedded room to enjoy a relaxing massage or spa experience together with your significant other. You can go for a simple foot reflexology to a full-on hot stone massage to ease the stress away. It’s the best way to treat the one you love after a long day of work!

Weekend Getaway… On A Budget

Sometimes, a spontaneous decision to spend the weekend somewhere nice is all it takes to spark the romance. Look out for AirAsia’s Final Call promotions at the start of every month, featuring heavily-discounted flights to nearby locations like Phuket and Bali, and AirAsia Final Call X for long-haul flights.

If you’re not planning to travel far, you could plan a fun day out at a theme park instead – you and your partner could make some memories and have a splashing good time at Sunway Lagoon in KL or The Lost World of Tambun in Perak!

Netflix Gift Cards

If you and your partner aren’t the travelling type, TV and movie buffs will love receiving a Netflix gift card, ranging from RM50 to RM100 worth of credit to go towards your monthly subscription. Get one for your significant other from 7-Eleven and the two of you can enjoy watching all the movies and TV series together. Just sit back with some snacks and it’s Netflix & Chill time!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently by different couples. Some would love fancy dates, but some would just want to stay home, light a candle, and catch a movie. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, cherishing and appreciating each other should be done daily and not only on this special day.


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