#SaveMoneyWithHann and Make RM1,000s – A Message from RinggitPlus’ Co-Founder

Hi there! I’m Hann, the Co-Founder and Director of RinggitPlus. Our purpose since 2012 is to empower people to live a better life by making wiser financial decisions. How we do this is to educate Malaysians on their financial lifestyle and provide easy online access to financial products that they decided upon. Over the last few years we’ve been focused on developing the online access part of the site (resulting in products such as XpressApply and our Chatbot Application Process), and now we’re going back a little to our roots which is to educate Malaysians on their financial well-being.

The world in 2020 looks like a much scarier world than 2019. Between economic uncertainty (trade wars) and a global pandemic (Covid-19), Malaysia also had an unexpected change of government just recently. While these things sound scary at a national level, what most people – whether they’re employees, gig workers, or SME entrepreneurs – should also worry about is the impact on our personal money. With many possibly losing their jobs, closing down their businesses, and the rising cost of living on top of everything, it has become more important than ever to be smart with our money, so we all have more Ringgit in our pockets.

With that in mind, I’m starting a small article series which is basically a cheat sheet on how you can use RinggitPlus (both the content and the application tools) to save money, without changing too much about what you do day-to-day! I’m calling this series #SaveMoneyWithHann. In between, I’ll also share my thoughts on current issues, and answer some burning questions from readers. It’s going to be really interesting, and I hope you will enjoy reading this column.

#SaveMoneyWithHann and Save RM1,000s

Don’t go out to eat so much. Why are you spending so much money online? Cut down on your travelling. Better cut your credit card. All loans are bad, don’t take a single loan, be debt-free.

These are just some of the things that come to mind when we ask ourselves (or our naggy parents) how ‘to save money’.

While I’m sure doing some of those things does save money, the fact is that we humans want to live our lives a certain way, go out where we want to go, eat what we want to eat, and that usually gets in the way of the actual saving.

But how about a way you can potentially save thousands of Ringgit without changing how you live? The trick is simple – if you can get the same thing but pay less, why not do so? It’s not just about choosing the right credit card, saving on car insurance, or changing your telco, it encompasses pretty much every part of your life. It’s what we hope followers of RinggitPlus use the site for.

Challenge Yourself And #SaveMoneyWithHann

Over the next few articles, I challenge all our readers to spend some time following each piece to cut the cost of their bills and debts, and save RM1,000 this year, all without sacrificing anything except that little bit of time.

The Movement Control Order is crucial during this pandemic, but one positive side effect is that it gives us some free time to review our financial well-being and strategise how to navigate a post-Covid-19 Malaysia – this column will help you do that. Drop your email to subscribe to this column, and have each new article delivered straight to your inbox.

At times like these, every Ringgit saved will make a huge difference down the line.

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