5 Critical Business Challenges That You Need To Solve

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If you are an independent business owner, chances are that you are aware of the changing business environment today. Working from home has become the new normal, and even your neighbourhood mamaks are now accepting various cashless payment options, thanks to Covid-19 which has accelerated the adoption of technology into traditional ways Malaysians do business.  

However, being in the period of crisis or not – integrating digital technology in your business today is essential, even more so when Malaysia has recently been crowned as having the most digital consumers in ASEAN, at 83% out of the entire population. In addition to that, the consumer growth in the Southeast Asian region alone, is also expected to grow to 310 million by the end of this year.

With this rapid increase of digital consumerism, it’s all the more reason to transform your traditional business into an operation that is more efficient, personalised, and intelligent. This article explores 5 business challenges that your business could be facing and how a customised digital solution by HUAWEI CLOUD can help your business to catch up with the 83% Malaysians (and counting) through John’s Artisan Bakery.

With the help of HUAWEI CLOUD’s solutions, John was able to address the business challenges through the affordable, stable, and secure cloud system – specifically built for his artisan bakery. 

Just like HEXA Food and J&T Express, John was able to reduce operational costs and improve business revenue. Besides that, he was also able to create a smooth and efficient work flow that allows him and his staff to focus on the quality of his baked goods. 

Inspired by John’s Artisan Bakery Business Journey? Get Your HUAWEI CLOUD’s Digital Starter Kit Here

To help businesses, HUAWEI CLOUD offers tailored digital solutions catered to the various needs of specific industries, from automotive, e-commerce, education, financial services, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail, transportation and logistics, and campuses. 

HUAWEI CLOUD is able to pinpoint the exact business needs and opportunities for better work efficiency and productivity with the right products and services, just like with John’s artisan bakery. 

Get your digital journey started with HUAWEI CLOUD Digital Starter Kit offered exclusively for RinggitPlus readers. 

In the digital starter kit, you will get: 

  • Free 2-month subscription of Smart Business Solutions
  • Additional 1,500 hours of cloud services

Just click on the interactive button on this page, and answer a few questions to help Huawei understand your business. Once you’ve submitted the form, a Huawei representative will contact you to get started on your digital business journey with HUAWEI CLOUD. 

To learn more about the HUAWEI CLOUD various digital solutions and services, head to HUAWEI CLOUD’s website.

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