SME Bank

SME Bank Business Accelerator Program

An SME financing program for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet their working capital requirements and fixed asset purchase.

    • Financing up to RM1M
    • Up to 7 years tenure
    • Unsecured Islamic Financing
  • Borrow: RM 
    How Long: years
    My monthly sales turnover: RM  

    Monthly repayment: RM-

    Profit rate p.a.: -%

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Profit rates

How much the bank charges you based on your financing amount & financing period

Financing ValueFinancing PeriodAnnual Sales TurnoverProfit Rate
RM50000 - RM1000000 12 to 84 monthsmin. RM300000 4% p.a.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Profit Rate / APR
As low as 4% p.a., depending on financing amount and period
Stamp Duty
Late Payment Charge
1% from current outstanding amount


Are you eligible for this business financing?

Minimum annual sales turnover
Minimum company age
0.5 years
Who can Apply
  • Malaysian Registered Companies, with qualifying rating of SCORE 2 or higher
  • Micro Enterprise
  • SME
Malaysian Ownership

Frequently Asked Questions about SME Bank Business Accelerator Program

Things you might want to know

What is SME Bank Business Accelerator Program about?

Business Accelerator Program is a financial assistance program by SME Bank, in collaboration with SME Corp, to support the growth of the SME industry. This business term loan is catered to the up and coming micro and small enterprises to strengthen their core businesses.

What can I get from SME Bank Business Accelerator Program?

The Business Accelerator Program offers financing from a minimum of RM50,000 to a maximum of RM1,000,000 at a flat profit rate. This business term loan can be used to finance working capital and fixed asset purchase. 

If you want to finance your working capital needs, you can repay the facility in monthly instalments for up to 7 years, whereas a maximum of 10 years is capped for purchase of assets.

Who can apply for this business loan and what are the terms and conditions?

Since this business term loan is part of a financial assistance program, you are bound to meet the requirements as set out by the bank such as follows:

  • Applicant must be a small and medium entrepreneurs.
  • Your company or business has a qualifying rating of SCORE 2 or higher.
  • Your company must be at least 60% owned by a Malaysian during the period of financing.
  • Your company or business has operated for at least 6 months.
  • You must be a full time business operator.

It is important that you company must be solvent at the time of this business loan application. Therefore, you will also need to provide a proof of your latest 3-years audited account (for sole proprietor/partnership, the latest management account is acceptable).

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