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Hong Leong Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Get yourself a motor insurance that'll provide professional 24-hour services for free minor roadside repairs and towing. Have instant access to trusted mechanics all over Malaysia!

    • 24/7 Free Towing Up To RM300
    • Up To 55% No-Claim Discount
    • Excess from just RM400
    • Refund On Early Cancellation
    • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

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How To Claim

Who do I call to make a claim or state an emergency?

Hong Leong Assurance Hotline
Claim Assistance Hotline
Roadside Assistance & Emergency Hotline


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

Cover Type
Warranty On Claims
get compensation for faulty repair or replacement parts
Alternative Travel Assistance
get help with transportation, healthcare referral, and hotel bookings when on the road
0% Repair Cost
for vehicles aged 5 years and below


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

CoveragePrivate CarsCommercial CarsMotorcycles
Bodily Injury 3rd party only
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
unlimited coverageunlimited coverageunlimited coverage
Loss or Damage to Your Own Vehicle 
Claim if your car's been stolen or wrecked due to road accident or fire
CoveredNot coveredNot covered
Loss or Damage of Property 3rd party only
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
up to RM3000000up to RM3000000up to RM3000000
Legal Costs 
Lawyer fees when you're the defendant in court
up to RM2000up to RM2000up to RM2000
Accidental Death 3rd party only
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel
unlimited coverageunlimited coverageunlimited coverage
Add-on CoveragePrivate CarsCommercial CarsMotorcycles
Windshield cracked, scratched, or simply broken? Claim without losing NCD
CoveredNot coveredNot covered
Special Perils Cover 
Driving in dangerous conditions? You're covered for floods, typhoons, and landslides
CoveredNot coveredNot covered
Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion 
There's a riot going on! You're covered for damage
CoveredNot coveredNot covered
Legal Liability of Passengers 
Cover for bodily injury caused by your passengers
Legal Liability to Passengers 
Protection against legal action brought against you by your passengers

Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Leong Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Things you might want to know

What is Hong Leong Comprehensive Motor Insurance all about?

It's very disheartening to see a brand new vehicle that costs a bomb getting stolen a month, week, or even days of being bought! 

Worst yet, imagine being in a more grievous mishap where you're liable to pay for injury suffered by another motorist or pedestrian - digging deep into your savings to pay for expensive medical bills will only leave your financial plans in ruins.

How else can you muster up a smile in these situations if not for a comprehensive motor insurance policy that's got your back when your car's been stolen, damaged in a fire, wrecked due to a road accident, or when you're liable for any injury or death caused to a third party!

Ok, so what makes this car insurance stand out from the rest?`

Your car broke down in the middle of a busy highway? Not to worry - in the unfortunate event of an accident, MSIG Motor Assist is at your side to give you a helping hand.

You are entitled MSIG's roadside service assistance without any surcharge to your policy premium. Get instant access to trusted mechanics ready to help you whenever the need arises.

That's not all - you will also enjoy MSIG's 24-Hour Call Centre Service. A dedicated hotline manned by a team of experienced customer service officers to help with your claims and to mobilise roadside assistance services.

Lastly, there is of course a 24-Hour Towing & Emergency Roadside Repair Services for when your vehicle breaks down to help with minor repairs and tow your vehicle to a MSIG panel workshop for further inspection.

MSIG Motor Assist will bear an amount up to RM300 per incident for towing and any labor costs for on-site breakdown repairs only, excluding replacement of parts.

Any other charges or fees that I have to pay?

In order for your policy to come into effect, all you have to pay is the premium as stated in your insurance policy. Your premium is inclusive of the following fees:

  1. Commissions paid to the insurance agent - that's 10% of gross premium
  2. Stamp duty of RM10
  3. Goods and Service Tax ( GST) of 6%

Is there any panel workshop in Sabah or Sarawak?

Yes definitely! MSIG's members of reputable panel workshops are located all around Malaysia - there are more than 40 workshops in East Malaysia alone!

To assist you even further, you will enjoy free towing service to your home or your preferred repairer up to RM300. 

How about important terms and conditions that I need to be mindful of?

You're responsible to disclose all accurate and complete information such as past claims experience and your personal details when you are purchasing this insurance with Hong Leong Assurance.

If there are any changes to the information that you have provided, the first thing that you shall do is to contact the Hong Leong Assurance and inform them of the changes.

How do I make a claim to Hong Leong Assurance?

In the event of an accident, you must notify Hong Leong Assurance with particulars of the accident such as vehicles involved, date of accident, and a brief description of what hapenned within 7 days or 30 days if you are hospitalised or physically disabled to do so. 

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