Liberty Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Liberty car insurance will help keep the fire out of your wallet and car with protection against fire damage, theft, and liability against third party claims.

Liberty Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance
Free Drivers
Free Towing
Claim Payout
Market Value
from just RM400
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Cover Type
Third Party Fire & Theft
0% Repair Cost
for vehicles aged 5 years and below
Not Available


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

CoveragePrivate Cars
Bodily Injury
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
Unlimited coverage
Loss or Damage of Property
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
Up to RM3m
Legal Costs
Lawyer fees when you're the defendant in court
Up to RM2k
Accidental Death
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel
Unlimited coverage
Add on CoveragePrivate Cars
Legal Liability of Passengers
Cover for bodily injury caused by your passengers
Legal Liability to Passengers
Protection against legal action brought against you by your passengers


Roadside Assistance Hotline
Claim Assistance Hotline
+603-2619 9000
Liberty Insurance Hotline
1-800-88-8990,+603-2619 9000

More Information

What can I get from Liberty Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance?

While it is required by the law to get an insurance for your vehicle, you can always get one that is affordable and meet your basic needs.

Enjoy all the benefits below at a cheaper rate compared to a comprehensive motor insurance plan:

  • Flexible payment option: You have three options to choose from when making your insurance premium payment every year - cash, credit card, or cheque. 
  • Fire and theft protection: You will get compensated up to RM20,000 if your vehicle got stolen or ruined by merciless fire!
  • Liability cover: If you have ACCIDENTALLY damaged a third party property, injured or caused death to a third party, Liberty Insurance has got your back. You will be compensated up to RM3,000,000 for damage to third party's property and an unlimited amount for bodily injury or death to third party.

Who is eligible to apply for this car insurance?

If you live permanently in Malaysia, aged between 18 to 70 years old, and have a valid driver's license you're definitely eligible to apply for this car insurance plan.

What are the exclusions under this third party fire & theft policy?

Being a third party insurance plan, it does not cover damage to your own vehicle and to your good self. In addition, any warlike operations, rebellion, civil car or acts of terrorism are excluded.

Got into a serious car crash while trying to beat your idol, Paul Walker or reenacting a scene from Fast and Furious?

Liberty Insurance is definitely going to keep their hands off that.

You are also not covered for your liability against claims from passengers in your vehicle. 

However, this can be included in your policy by paying some extra premium.

How much do I have to pay for this Liberty car insurance?

In the end, it all boils down to the cost. 

The total premium of your Liberty Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance is very much depending on your vehicle type, vehicle cubic capacity, age of vehicle, past claims experience, no-claim-discount entitlement and other factors. 

Based on the new system of calculation, there will also be a risk assessment on the driver of the vehicle, pertaining to your age, gender, occupation or education, and place of residence.

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