MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance

Chances of making up for a car accident you've caused without emptying your wallet are slim. MPI Generali car insurance got your back at an affordable premium!

MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance
Free Drivers
Free Towing
up to RM200
Claim Payout
Market Value
from just RM400
Buy Online
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Cover Type
Third Party
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What can I claim from this insurance policy?

CoveragePrivate Cars
Bodily Injury
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
Unlimited coverage
Loss or Damage of Property
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
Up to RM3m
Legal Costs
Lawyer fees when you're the defendant in court
Up to RM2k
Accidental Death
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel
Unlimited coverage


Roadside Assistance Hotline
1-800-88-3262 1-800-22-2262
Claim Assistance Hotline
+603-2034 9888
MPI Generali Hotline
+603-2034 9888

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What is MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance?

Your car may be all tough and sturdy, but even Superman is not entirely invulnerable too. 

Aside from the fact that death or physical injury is one of the most feared consequences of an accident, seeing your months of savings washed down the drain because of the repair work you have to pay is equally disheartening.

Fear no more, MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance gives you the financial help you need when you are liable to compensate the other party involved in an accident for bodily injury, property damage/loss and the worst of all, death.

Is there anything else that this third party car insurance offers?

That's all a Third Party Policy covers as it's the most basic plan of all compared to a Comprehensive Policy or a Third Party Fire and Theft Policy. 

There's always a silver lining in every cloud, although the coverage is not the greatest of all, you'll definitely enjoy a huge cut on the premium quoted.

Anyhow, a Third Party Car Insurance is generally reserved for an old vehicle that is not on a hire purchase agreement. 

It's nearly impossible to apply one for a brand new car.

How much do I have to pay for this car insurance?

There is a number of underwriting factors that insurer take into account when determining the premium such as vehicle type, engine displacement, age of vehicle and claims experience. 

With that said, it varies from one vehicle to another. 

However, the quote given by each insurer is standardised for a particular vehicle as the rates are regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance - cancellation & refund

You will be entitled to premium refund provided that there's no claim arises during the period of MPI Generali Third Party Car Insurance.

The refund will be pro rated based on the calculation below:

Period of InsuranceRefund of Premium %
Not exceeding 1 week87.5 of annual premium
Not exceeding 1 month75.0 of annual premium
Not exceeding 2 months62.5 of annual premium
Not exceeding 3 months50.0 of annual premium
Not exceeding 4 months37.5 of annual premium
Not exceeding 6 months25.0 of annual premium
Not exceeding 8 months12.5 of annual premium
Exceeding 8 monthsNo refund
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