MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Get 24-hour roadside assistance & on-site repair services! Enjoy 6 months warranty on all repairs carried out by MSIG's nationwide panel workshops on your vehicle.

MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance
Free Drivers
Free Towing
up to RM200
Claim Payout
from just RM400
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Cover Type
Warranty On Claims
Get compensation for faulty repair or replacement parts
Alternative Travel Assistance
Get help with transportation, healthcare referral, and hotel bookings when on the road
0% Repair Cost
for vehicles aged 5 years and below
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What can I claim from this insurance policy?

CoveragePrivate Cars
Bodily Injury
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
Unlimited coverage
Loss or Damage to Your Own Vehicle
Claim if your car's been stolen or wrecked due to road accident or fire
Loss or Damage of Property
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
Up to RM3m
Legal Costs
Lawyer fees when you're the defendant in court
Up to RM2k
Accidental Death
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel
Unlimited coverage
Add on CoveragePrivate Cars
Windshield cracked, scratched, or simply broken? Claim without losing NCD
Special Perils Cover
Driving in dangerous conditions? You're covered for floods, typhoons, and landslides
Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion
There's a riot going on! You're covered for damage
Legal Liability of Passengers
Cover for bodily injury caused by your passengers
Legal Liability to Passengers
Protection against legal action brought against you by your passengers


Roadside Assistance Hotline
Claim Assistance Hotline
+603-2050 8228
MSIG Hotline

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What does MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance cover?

With MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance, your finances won't suffer when your vehicle suffers damage resulted from a road accident or fire and explosions.

Haven't you read about the many road accidents caused by nearby construction as of late?

This comprehensive car insurance coverage also extends to your liability against injury, death, and damage to property belonging to other people such as their car or home. 

It'll even help you pay for your legal fees if brought to court!

Need to get back on the road fast? No problem - whenever your car breakdowns in the middle of the road, MSIG has a dedicated team that's available 24 hours a day to provide roadside assistance - they can help you with minor repairs and towing.

Can I transfer my NCD in full from another insurer?

Yes absolutely, your NCD is attached to your car, not the insurance company you have an existing car insurance policy with. 

Be rest assured that your hard-earned NCD will be transferred to MSIG at no cost when you purchase the motor insurance with them and let them worry about the process, not you. 

What other benefits do I enjoy from this MSIG car insurance?

To free your mind from unwanted worries, any repair is done on your vehicle arises from your own damage claim is guaranteed 6 months warranty as long as the repair job is done at an MSIG panel workshop.

In case of an emergency and you simply have no time to tell your family, MSIG will send out messages to quickly tell your loved ones about the situation at your request.

Other than that, you can also opt to but additional protection to your MSIG car insurance as a preparation for uncertainties and risks such as:

  • Windscreen damage
  • Coverage for all drivers
  • Legal liability to passengers
  • Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
  • Natural disaster (flood, storm, landslide and more)

MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance - general exclusions

The MSIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance does not provide coverage as far as your physical well-being is concerned, theft of non-factory fitted vehicle accessories, wear and tear and most importantly depreciation of your vehicle.

There is also an excess of RM400 that you have to pay out of your pocket in case of a claim under the following circumstances:

  • Your vehicle is driven by a person not covered under your insurance
  • A person of age below 21 years who has been named in your policy
  • Driver with provisional (L) driving license
  • Driver with full driving license of less than two years
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