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Pacific and Orient Third Party Motor Insurance

Make sure your car is always secured with Pacific and Orient. Optional benefits include legal liability to passengers, excursion trip and one-way express cover.

    • 24/7 Free Towing Up To RM200
    • Up To 0 Free Drivers
    • Refund On Early Cancellation
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How To Claim

Who do I call to make a claim or state an emergency?

Roadside Assistance Hotline
 +603-2693 8145
Claim Assistance Hotline
 +603-2692 6620  +603-2694 0936
Pacific and Orient Hotline


What makes this insurance policy stand out?

Cover Type
Third Party


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

CoveragePrivate CarsCommercial CarsMotorcycles
Bodily Injury 
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
Loss or Damage of Property 
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
Legal Costs 
Lawyer fees when you're the defendant in court
up to RM2000up to RM2000up to RM2000
Accidental Death 
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel
Add-on CoveragePrivate CarsCommercial CarsMotorcycles
Legal Liability to Passengers 
Protection against legal action brought against you by your passengers
CoveredNot coveredNot covered

Frequently Asked Questions about Pacific and Orient Third Party Motor Insurance

Things you might want to know

What is the Pacific and Orient Third Party Motor Insurance all about?

This third party policy provides insurance against your liabilities to others who are on the road for injury or death and damage to their property - remember how much you had to pay that one time you banged into another person's car before you had a license? Yeah, it's painful.

That means you won't be getting the extra protection for your own car provided by comprehensive motor insurance, but you will at least not be screwed when you are careless on the road and hurt other people in the process!

What are the fees and charges that I have to pay?

On top of your premium, you also have to pay 10% of your premium as commissions to your insurance agent and RM10 stamp duty, but that's already included in your premium payment.

What are the other major exclusions under this policy?

You won't be covered in you've suffered injury or death as a result of a motor collision, including liability towards claims brought froward by your passangers. As mentioned above, you won't be covered for your own car, even if you've lost it in a flood, storm, or landslide.

If you're concerned with natural disasters, especially floods which seem to be getting worst with every passing year here in Malaysia, you can always go for a comprehensive motor insurance plan for

How about my NCD entitlement?

First, your no-claim discount will depend on the type and purpose of your vehicle. For a motorcycle or commercial car, you NCD starts at 15% for the first year, and 25% if no claim is made for 3 years straight. For private vehicles, the ones you keep at home and send your kids to school with, you get 25% discount for the first claim free year, and a maximum of 55% if you've got a clean record for 5 years and above.

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