RHB Insurance Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance

The third party fire & theft insurance provides coverage against third party risks and loss or damage of your motorcycle caused by theft and fire.

RHB Insurance Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance
Free Drivers
Free Towing
up to RM50
Claim Payout
Market Value
from just RM75
Buy Online
Not Available


Cover Type
Third Party Fire & Theft
Warranty On Claims
Get compensation for faulty repair or replacement parts
Alternative Travel Assistance
Get help with transportation, healthcare referral, and hotel bookings when on the road
0% Repair Cost
for vehicles aged 5 years and below
Not Available


What can I claim from this insurance policy?

Bodily Injury
Did you cause an accident where somebody got hurt?
Loss or Damage of Property
Negligent on the road? Give compensation to other pedestrians or motorists
Accidental Death
Do not add to fatalities on the road. Stay focused behind the wheel


Roadside Assistance Hotline
RHB Insurance Hotline

More Information

About RHB Insurance Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance

This RHB Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance is made exclusively for motorcycles and their riders, considering it is more common for someone to own a motorcycle rather than a car. 

You will get quite a few benefits with this cover but you will need to take note that it is in fact a third-party insurance and be aware of who it benefits most when you are on the road.

What does it cover?

As it is a third-party cover, if you caused an accident, then the victim will have coverage for bodily injury, loss or damage of their property and accidental death. 

So, remember to be alert of the other road users around and to be courteous on the road.

You will have a warranty on claim features, where you will get compensation for faulty repairs or the replacement of parts should you need it.

Of course, this is limited to a time frame allocated to you.

However, you will have additional cover for fire and theft as well in case someone decided it was a good idea to smoke too close to a petrol tank or something.

What are the other perks of this insurance?

Well, if you find yourself stranded with a damaged bike, then you can call for a towing service that is free up to a maximum of RM50. 

So, no need to trouble yourself or your friends trying to find a way home. 

The motorcycle insurance policy will also offer 24-hr roadside assistance so that means even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, help will come.

How do I pay my RHB motorcycle insurance premiums?

There are now several factors that go into the calculation for your motorcycle insurance premiums, as insurance companies are taking more of a risk assessment approach when deciding. 

The calculations are now based on;

  • The value of your vehicle
  • Engine capacity
  • Loading
  • Sum insured
  • Age of the Rider/Driver
  • Gender
  • Occupation/Education
  • Place of residence
  • Claim history

The principal being applied is that the lower the risk, the lower your RHB Third Party Fire & Theft Motorcycle Insurance premiums rates.

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