AEON MasterCard Classic credit card

Also available as Visa

AEON MasterCard Classic

The everyday AEON MasterCard Classic Credit Card comes with exclusive offers from AEON Stores nationwide, payment flexibility, higher discounts and exclusive privileges.

  • 15% p.a. interest rate
  • 20 days interest-free period
  • up to 5% cashback
  • 0% p.a. balance transfer over 6 months
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
  • RM31.80 annual fee
  • Earn up to 1x reward point 

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Because you should be rewarded for giving the bank your business

Save more when you shop at AEON participating merchants that offers great deals and discounts. Earn 1X AEON MEMBER Points for every Ringgit spent! Earned AEON MEMBER Points can be exchanged for shopping, traveling and dining deals.
AEON Redemption Rewards Program
1 point on every RM1purchases from AEON Stores, AEON Wellness or Pasar Raya MaxValu
Your AEON Redemption Rewards Program earned expires in  6 years
Balance Transfer
Great value AEON Balance Transfer offers a 0% interest rate for a fixed term of 6 months.
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
6 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
Learn more about AEON Cards Balance Transfer Plan
Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
AEON Cards Flexi Payment Plan offers payment terms of 6, 12 and 18 months on retail purchases from approved merchants. Interest rates from as little as 2.5%.
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Spend
6 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
12 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
24 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
36 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
Learn more about AEON Cards 0% Instalment Payment Plan
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Spend
6 months2.5% one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
12 months3.5% one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
18 months5.5% one-time upfront handling feefrom RM2000 
Learn more about AEON Cards Flexi Payment Plan
AEON World Desk Centre provides personalised services and global assistance from lost and stolen cards to hotel reservations. Enjoy free Flight Travel Personal Accident and Credit Card Balance insurance.
Travel CoverageSum Insured
Personal AccidentUp to RM200000
Delayed FlightUp to RM300
Lost LuggageUp to RM1000
Delayed LuggageUp to RM300

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Annual Fee
  • Free for first year
  • Waived when 12 swipes per year
Annual Fee for Supplementary Card
Minimum monthly payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
Late payment fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal fee
RM15.90 or 5.30% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals

All fees & charges are inclusive of 6% GST if applicable


Are you eligible for this credit card?

Minimum annual income
Minimum age for primary card holder
21 years old
Minimum age for supplementary card holder
18 years old
Who can Apply


Get some extra help from your credit card when you need it most

Easy Payment Plan
AEON Cards 0% Instalment Payment Plan
AEON Cards Flexi Payment Plan
Easy payment plans (EPP) are great for large purchases that you want to pay off over a period of time.
Balance Transfer
AEON Cards Balance Transfer Plan
Balance transfer allows you to consolidate debt from your other credit cards onto this card.

AEON MasterCard Classic review

What's so good (or not so good) about it?

Getting a fresh graduate pay doesn't mean you can't live your life like an adult. By no means that is referring to a lavish lifestyle but having a basic credit card is not too much to ask for! Go cashless and earn points every time you spend with AEON MasterCard Classic.

Points for Gifts

You don't have to go cray-cray on your card to earn enough points for gift redemption. Swipe and spend with this credit card to earn 1 reward point for each RM1 charged to your credit card.

AEON has an extensive list of free gifts for all occasion from travelling to wedding dinner to cash rebate, redeem them with your points accumulated. Even better, convert a nominal of 7500 points into RM30 AEON gift voucher, that's a deal you can't get anywhere else!

On top of that, when you're an AEON Member  get up to 5% cashback on their BiG Thank You Member's Day sales. It happens on the 28th of every month with a cap of RM100 for the one day!

Travel Safely

It's certainly daunting to see your luggage full of valuables or important travel documents such as passport and flight ticket got stolen when you're so happily ready to go on a vacation.

Put that frown away! Get yourself and your family too free travel personal accident insurance when you purchase flight tickets with your AEON MasterCard Classic. It's that easy. Also, you and your family members will be financially compensated up to RM20000 per family in the event of permanent disablement and death.

0% Interest Balance Transfer

Debt is hard to manage when the interest is piling up on itself, you could be paying hundreds a month but your outstanding amount doesn't seem to twitch. Transfer your old credit card debt to AEON MasterCard Classic and enjoy 0% interest rate and no processing fee at all for 6 months!

Make full use of the 6 months free interest period to clear off your debt! Just transfer at least RM1000 and you'll be eligible for this amazing deal.

Swipe Internationally

All set to backpack around the world? Don't forget to bring this credit card along! Not only that it doesn't take up your wallet space like a bulk of cash do, it is also recognized internationally for all your swiping convenience.

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