Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Enjoy PLATINUM benefits of up to 8x Timeless Bonus Points for all your everyday spending, online or offline. Redeem your TBP with cool gifts anytime.

Alliance Bank Visa PlatinumHigh Bonus Points!
Min. Income
Annual Fee
Balance Transfer
From 0% p.a.
Easy Payment Plan
From 0% p.a.
Interest Rate
15% p.a.
20 days

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Collect Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) that never expire when you swipe on eligible spending categories locally and overseas. If you accumulate enough TBPs, you can redeem them for attractive gifts and services. Additionally, please note that for any spend above RM3,000 on each statement cycle for online shopping transactions and eWallet reload, you'll earn 1x TBP for every RM1 transaction instead.

Timeless Bonus Points
8 points on every RM1on online shopping transactions and eWallet reload (both are capped at RM3,000 per statement cycle)
3 points on every RM1on overseas and dining transactions
1 point on every RM1on other retail transactions (such as Instalment Payment Plan, Flexi Payment Plan, JomPay and FPX transactions), entertainment, auto-billing, and contactless spends

Balance Transfer

Start paying off your accumulated credit debt from other banks' credit cards with a low-interest Alliance Bank balance transfer and a longer repayment period of up to 24 months.

Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
6 months0% p.a.and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
12 months9.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
18 months9.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
24 months9.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
Learn more about Alliance Bank Balance Transfer Plan

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
  • RM120 primary card

    Free for first year

    Waived when you swipe 12 times with no minimum spend each year, from the second year onwards

  • RM0 supplementary card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon activation and anniversary date
Minimum Monthly Payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal Fee
RM15 or 5% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals
Daily Maximum Cash Withdrawal
Up to 80%
Contact-less Payment Methods
Visa payWave


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 years old primary card
  • 18 years old supplementary card
Who can apply
  • Anybody


Cash Advance / Cash Loan
Alliance Bank FastCash
Get the money you want when you need it with the Alliance Bank Fast Cash plan from as low as 9.88% interest rate per annum for 12, 24 to 36 months.
Balance Transfer Plans
Alliance Bank Balance Transfer Plan
Switch to the Alliance Bank Balance Transfer Plan and enjoy low interest rates from 0% per annum for up to 24 months. You only need to transfer a minimum of RM1,000!


Collect Timeless Bonus Points with Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

With Alliance Bank Visa Platinum, you can get rewarded with Timeless Bonus Points (TBP) for making payments at POS terminals or online checkout.

TBP is an incentive given in the form of reward points, whereby you can collect without limit, and then convert it into items of value by redeeming them. 

It's easy to collect reward points: if you want to capture 3x TBP, swipe your Visa Platinum more often while overseas or dining. And 8x TBP whenever you shop online and reload your eWallet.

The best part about TBP is that it is non-expiry and uncapped. However, the online shopping and eWallet reload categories are capped at RM3,000 per statement cycle. Suppose you have exceeded, you'll earn 1x TBP instead for the said categories.

That said, you don't have to rush to Alliance Bank's rewards catalogue to make redemption as you have plenty of time to collect more TBPs for your next travel plan.

Splendid credit features just for you

Looking for more benefits? Before owning this credit card, you will also get to enjoy a couple of credit features, namely the Alliance Bank Balance Transfer and Alliance Bank Fast Cash which can surely help you manage your finances better.

Alliance Bank Balance Transfer

With this credit feature, you can accumulate all of your other credit outstanding balances into one (1) plan with a lower interest rate and a longer repayment period. Valid until 31 December 2024, you can get the chance to enjoy ZERO interest over a 6-month tenure with Alliance Bank Balance Transfer. Check out the terms and conditions here.

Alliance Bank Fast Cash

Get the cash that you want whenever you need it with the Alliance Bank Fast Cash plan. Enjoy as low as a 9.88% interest rate per annum over 12, 24 or 36 months of repayment tenures. To sign up for this exciting offer, you can apply for fast cash of a minimum of RM1,000, up to a maximum of 80% of your available credit limit. Terms apply.

24/7 Concierge Service

This Alliance Bank Platinum credit card provides you with ultimate convenience with the 24/7 Visa Platinum Concierge Service. 

Wherever in the world, you may be, you can be sure to get help from Visa Concierge Service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for travel arrangements or even concert bookings.

Easy Payments

Payments for your Alliance Bank credit card can be easily made using cash or cheque at Alliance Bank branches.

It can also be done via standing instruction by deducting from your Alliance Bank savings or current account, internet banking via allianceonline, ATMs, and MEPS IBG at any Alliance Bank branch or other participating banks.

Annual Fee Waiver 

Enjoy an annual fee waiver for the first year, on the house. 

From the second year onward, you only need to swipe 12 times with no minimum spend every year to get your Alliance Bank's credit card annual fees waived.

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum Finance Charge

What is the interest rate imposed on repayments?

Conditions of Repayments Tiered Interest Rate (p.a.)
Prompt Repayment every month 15%
Prompt Repayment 10 out of 12 months 17%
Prompt Repayment of less than 10 out of 12 months AND new card members 18%

Previously, the finance charge was only imposed on the below that were not paid after the payment due date:

  • Retail transaction - finance charge is calculated from the posting date until full payment is made.
  • Cash advances/withdrawal transaction - finance charge is calculated from the transaction date.

The finance charge is now based on the prevailing tiered interest rate (above) that will be imposed on any of your outstanding balances including All Fees and Charges (except late payment charges).

These are carried forward from the previous statement until the outstanding balances are settled in full.

All Fees and Charges include:

  • Retail Transactions
  • Annual Fee
  • Cash Advance Fee
  • Card Replacement Fee
  • Statement Copy Fee
  • Sales Draft Retrieval Copy Fee
  • Any other form of service of a miscellaneous fee (if any) EXCEPT Late Payment Charges

A late payment charge of 1% will be imposed if the minimum payment is not made by the payment due date. 

This is subject to a minimum of RM10, whichever is higher up to a maximum of RM100.

This change in Finance Charge will not have any impact if you do not have any unpaid outstanding balance.

You will continue to enjoy a 20-day interest-free period, provided that the outstanding balances of your Alliance Bank Visa Platinum are carried forward from the previous month's statement cycle and are paid in full.

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