CIMB Petronas Platinum MasterCard

Get up to 7% cashback every day with the Setel App transactions at PETRONAS with a zero annual fee CIMB credit card.

CIMB Petronas Platinum MasterCard7% cashback for any Petronas purchase
Min. Income
Annual Fee
up to 7%
Balance Transfer
From 5.99% p.a.
Easy Payment Plan
From 0% p.a.
Interest Rate
15% p.a.
20 days


Swipe your CIMB Petronas Platinum Credit Card using the Setel App at all PETRONAS stations nationwide to enjoy 7% cashback, subject to a statement balance of RM1,500 and above. For other retail spending, get 0.2% unlimited cash rebates.

Setel App Transactions7%RM30from RM1,500 or above
Petronas Spending (Using physical card)5%RM30from RM1,500 or above
Petronas Spending (Using physical card)3%RM30 up to RM1,500
Other Retail Spending0.2%uncappedany amount


With the Setel app, earn 7% cash rebates at any PETRONAS stations nationwide. Fuel up your car and shop at PETRONAS using a physical credit card gets you 5% cashback.


Receive automatic travel insurance coverage up to RM1 million when you charge the full fare of your flight ticket with this CIMB Petronas Platinum Mastercard credit card. Terms and conditions apply.

Travel CoverageSum Insured
Travel InsuranceUp to RM1,000,000
Delayed FlightUp to RM1,000
Missed FlightUp to RM1,000
Lost LuggageUp to RM1,000
Delayed LuggageUp to RM1,000

Balance Transfer

Consolidate your credit card outstanding balance and transfer to CIMB Balance Transfer to enjoy low interest rates for up to 12 months.

Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
6 months5.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
12 months7.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1,000
Learn more about CIMB Balance Transfer Plan

Easy Payment Plans

Enjoy interest-free instalment and flexibility in your repayment for up to 36 months with CIMB 0% Easy Pay.

CIMB 0% Easy Pay
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Spend
3 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM1,000
6 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM1,000
12 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM1,000
24 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM1,000
36 months0% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feeRM1,000
Learn more about CIMB 0% Easy Pay

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
  • RM0 primary card

    Free for life

  • RM0 supplementary card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon activation and anniversary date
Minimum Monthly Payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal Fee
RM15 or 5% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals
Contact-less Payment Methods


Minimum Annual Income
Minimum Age
  • 21 years old primary card
  • 18 years old supplementary card
Who can apply
  • Anybody


Easy Payment Plan
CIMB 0% Easy Pay
Enjoy up to 36 months of interest-free instalment payments on your next shopping spree with a CIMB Bank credit card. Only at selected merchants.
Cash Advance / Cash Loan
CIMB CashLite
Extra cash with hassle free application and zero processing fees! Get financial help when you need it most without the trouble of getting a guarantor.
Balance Transfer Plans
CIMB Balance Transfer Plan
Flexible repayments and zero processing fees! This is an easy-to-apply balance transfer plan with no supporting documents needed.


CIMB Petronas Platinum MasterCard - 7% Setel Cash Rebates

More rewards, higher rebates and happier returns with every swipe of the CIMB PETRONAS Platinum Credit Card at all PETRONAS stations nationwide. If you spend more time on the road than in the office, you'll definitely consider signing up for this PETRONAS MasterCard.

You'd be surprised to learn that you can get 7% cash rebates on your Setel App transactions, subject to a statement balance of RM1,500 and above.

We're not only talking about lifting up the nozzle and filling up the tank but also other retail spending in the PETRONAS Mesra shop.

Annual Fee Waiver

Owning a Platinum credit card usually requires a higher income level and comes with a steep annual fee, which can be offset with a few swipes per year.

CIMB understands what you're going through every day for 365 days, thus waiving the annual fee for its PETRONAS MasterCard. 

There is absolutely no condition requiring you to swipe the petrol cash rebate credit card in order to waive your annual fee.

CIMB Retail and Dining Privileges

Waiting for a year-end sale can take your youth away. But signing up for the CIMB Petronas Platinum Credit Card allows you to enjoy all year-round promotions, offers, deals, discounts and gifts at selected CIMB retail and dining establishments.

There are a host of partners providing a myriad of products and services ranging from health and beauty, department stores, golf clubs, travel and education under Retail Privileges.

For Dining Privileges, you can explore Halal epicurean cuisine, desserts and fine dining experiences at selected renowned hotels regionally such as Hard Rock Hotels, Hilton Hotels and Eastin Hotels, among others.

CIMB Petronas Platinum MasterCard Line of Credits

CIMB Petronas Platinum Credit Card does not only ensure that you'll receive extra mileage and greater fuel savings but can also serve as your credit lifeline in times of need via three unique lines of credit such as:

  • CIMB Balance Transfer Plan
  • CIMB 0% Easy Pay
  • CIMB CashLite
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