KFH Debit Card-i

First Malaysian debit card to offer a supplementary card for family - start spreading your love to your spouse and children

KFH Debit Card-i0.5% cashback
Annual Fee
up to 10%
Easy Payment Plan
From 0% p.a.


Get 10% cashback first time you use your debit card then 0.5% cashback on all retail spending capped at RM20 every month for your principal card holder and RM10 for your first supplementary card holder.

Cashback categoryCashback rateMonthly capSpend
First Retail Spending10%RM20any amount monthly
Retail Spending0.5%uncapped up to RM10,000


Pre-authorisation of RM200 will be charged to your designated account when you swipe KFH Debit Card-i on petrol purchase.


Convenience of cashless payments on goods or services at any authorised merchant’s outlets that carry the VISA logo worldwide and MyDebit logo nationwide.

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
  • RM0 primary card

    Free for life

  • RM - supplementary card


Minimum Age
  • 18 years old
  • 12 years old supplementary card
Who can apply
  • Anybody



What is special about the KFH Debit Card-i?

This debit card it the first of its kind to offer the option of having a supplementary card, a nice gift to give your loved ones. The card comes with a couple cool benefits, like cashback and worldwide acceptance as well.

Rewards and Benefits

When you swipe your KFH Debit Card-i for the first time you get to enjoy a whopping 10% Cash Back on your retail purchase. Of course, this little perk is only for principal card holders. That being said, aside from the first time you use the card, you get to earn 0.5% cash back on all your everyday spending.

Another thing you get to have with this card is its great Visa benefits. Shop at any merchant outlets that carry Visa functions and withdraw your cash anywhere in the world. Lastly, never have to worry about annual fees for both the principal and supplementary card.

Who can I apply for this?

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for this card along with a savings account or current account depending on what you need. You can get it both as an individual or joint account holder. If you would like to gift a supplementary card to your loved ones they need to be 12 years old or over.

How does the Supplementary card work?

The supplementary card will be linked to the principal card bank account. So if you as the principal card holder has a current account, the supplementary card will be linked to that account, and vice versa if you have a savings account.

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