RHB Corporate Credit Card

Manage your business expenditure all the while earning unlimited cash back on your retail expenses. Enjoy an annual fee waiver for the first year!

RHB Corporate Credit CardUnlimited Cashback
Annual Fee
up to 1%
Easy Payment Plan
From 0% p.a.
Interest Rate
15% p.a.
50 days


Spending for your business locally or overseas gets more rewarding with unlimited cash back. Except for spending on petrol, cash advance, government, charity, JomPAY and FPX transactions which are not eligible for the cashback

Overseas Business Retail Spend1%uncappedfrom RM1 or above
Local Business Retail Spend0.5%uncappedfrom RM1 or above


Ease the complexity of banking for a slew of business transactions with RHB Reflex. Through this cash management, you can easily track your business expenses, manage payments as well as get insights into your spending trends through comprehensive data capture, amongst other benefits.

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
  • RM150 primary card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon activation and anniversary date
Minimum Monthly Payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount, whichever is higher
Late Payment Fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Contact-less Payment Methods
Visa payWave


Who can apply
  • Any Business (Registered in Malaysia and established for a minimum of 2 years)



Having a corporate credit card can ease the complexities of your business banking and it’s even better when you have an online cash management platform to manage everything else.

RHB Corporate Credit Card rewards you with unlimited cashback

Purchasing new equipment to upgrading your tech stuff—while it’s for the greater good of your business—is costly.

What better way to elevate your purchases for the company than getting rewarded with cashback? Unlimited at that as well.

With RHB Corporate Credit Card, it rewards you with unlimited 1% cash back for overseas business retail spending. And if you shop locally for your business purchases, you will get unlimited 0.5% cashback. Both cashback spending categories can be unlocked on every RM1 spent.

Attractive benefits for your business banking

As a business credit card, you can expect to have card benefits that differ from the usual commercial credit card in the market. Some of the benefits you get to enjoy with an RHB Corporate card include the following.

  • Credit limit:

Unlike the usual credit card, you can get a higher credit limit for a Corporate Card. RHB offers a credit limit based on your company’s credit assessment. From a minimum of RM15,000 up to RM1,000,000, subject to the discretion of the bank.

  • Liability options:

Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose from two choices of liability options namely, Sole Liability and Joint and Several Liability. The former being your business will be solely liable for all charges incurred under the issued card. Meanwhile, the latter means that your business and employees with Corporate Cards will be jointly liable for debts or any charges incurred.

  • Charge-free period:

You will get up to 50 days of a charge-free period on your purchase from the first transaction date that you have made. This way, you can free up cash flow and manage your finances better.

Fees and charges of RHB Corporate Credit Card

An annual fee of RM150 will be charged to your RHB Corporate card but this fee will be waived for the first year! 

You will also need to pay RM25 for the Card Service Tax (CST) annually which will be imposed on the date of your new card activation or the renewal of your card every 12 months after the card's issued date or renewal.

Unfortunately, if you are thinking to apply for a supplementary card, it is not applicable to RHB Corporate Credit Card.

Other fees and charges include:

  • Card replacement fee: RM50 per card
  • Sales draft retrieval copy: RM20 per copy
  • Additional statement request fee: RM5 per copy
  • Excess limit fee: RM50 (may be charged whenever your outstanding balances exceed the combined card limit due to excess limit transactions)

Manage finances from the RHB Reflex feature

RHB Reflex is a feature that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Specially tailored for the cardholders of the RHB Corporate credit card, it is an online cash management platform that helps provide your business with not only cash management but also trade and payment solutions.

To summarise, the following are the brilliant management solutions offered by RHB Reflex that you may benefit from.

  • Information Management - statements, chequebook management, etc
  • Payable Management - payroll, bills payment, bulk payment, etc
  • Receivables Management - bills collection, auto-debit, etc
  • Liquidity Management - sweeping and fixed deposit
  • Trade Finance Services - trade finance and financial supply chain
  • Additional Services - HR and payroll automation, Host to Host (H2H), etc

Who can apply for RHB Corporate Credit Card?

Anyone aged 21 years old and above that owns and registered a business (SME, Commercial and Corporate) in Malaysia can apply for the RHB Corporate card. Additionally, your business also must be established for two (2) years and above to be eligible as a cardholder.

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