Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite credit card

Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite

Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite is a Premium Travel credit card with benefits that reward your total banking relationship.

  • 15% p.a. interest rate
  • 20 days interest-free period
  • 5.99% p.a. balance transfer over 36 months
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
  • RM800.00 annual fee
  • Earn up to 5x reward points 

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Because you should be rewarded for giving the bank your business

Earn 360° Rewards Points on all your existing home loan, deposits and investment balances.
360 Reward Points
1 point on every RM1on all local retail transaction
5 points on every RM1on all overseas retail transaction
Your 360 Reward Points earned expires in  3 years
Balance Transfer
Consolidate your credit debt and enjoy 5.99% interest p.a. and up to 36 months tenure.
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Transfer
Up to 12 months5.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
Up to 18 months5.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
Up to 24 months5.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
Up to 36 months5.99% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM1000 
Learn more about Standard Chartered Balance Transfer PLUS
Easy Payment Plan (EPP)
Standard Chartered FlexiPay offers a fixed payment term of 12 months at 7.88%p.a. on any retail purchase over RM500. No penalty fee for early payment.
Pay OverWith Interest Rate AtWhen You Spend
12 months7.88% p.a. and no one-time upfront handling feefrom RM500 
Learn more about Standard Chartered FlexiPay
Priority Pass access to over 600 airport lounges in 100 countries worldwide. 24 hour Worldwide Travel assistance. Complimentary Travel Medical Insurance coverage worth up to RM50,000 with at least 1 transaction made on your credit card during your overseas trip.
Travel CoverageSum Insured
Travel InsuranceUp to RM50000
Delayed LuggageUp to RM1000

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Annual Fee
  • First 2 years free
  • Waived when you spend RM10,000 each year per card
Annual Fee for Supplementary Card
Sales and Service Tax
RM25 on each principal and supplementary card upon approval and anniversary date
Minimum monthly payment
RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
Late payment fee
RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM100
Cash withdrawal fee
RM25.00 or 5.00% of withdrawn amount, whichever is higher
Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals


Are you eligible for this credit card?

Minimum age for primary card holder
21 years old
Minimum age for supplementary card holder
18 years old
Who can Apply
Invitation Only


Get some extra help from your credit card when you need it most

Easy Payment Plan
Standard Chartered FlexiPay
Easy payment plans (EPP) are great for large purchases that you want to pay off over a period of time.
Cash Advance / Cash Loan
Standard Chartered Cheque On Call Plus
Cash Advance is a loan against the credit limit of your card at a reasonable rate.
Balance Transfer
Standard Chartered Balance Transfer PLUS
Balance transfer allows you to consolidate debt from your other credit cards onto this card.

Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite review

What's so good (or not so good) about it?

Not all credit cards are created equal, but Standard Chartered has come up with a comprehensive card that has got you covered at all the gin joints in the world and also rewards you for your loyalty. Live without boundaries with the Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite credit card, because on vacation, you can hurt more than just your wallet.

The Ultimate Travel Mate

Other than your passport, the Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite credit card should be second on your list for the important things to bring on an overseas trip, wherever that may be. This is because you are entitled to complimentary travel privileges ranging from medical insurance to lifestyle benefits anywhere in the world.

Let me relate to you a common fear: You're at a luggage carousel for what seems like forever when the steady stream of baggage comes to a trickle, which eventually stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. Do not worry, as you can be reimbursed for up to RM1000 for purchase of essentials items due to temporarily lost in transit and not restored within 4 hours of the destination point.

You and your spouse will each be covered for up to RM50000 in medical coverage, which includes post-travel recovery payments after returning from the journey. Being in a separate time-zone won’t be a problem, as there are 24-hour worldwide travel assistance services provided and covered for up to RM100000 in the case that you require emergency evacuation or need specific medicine flown into the country. Only the first RM150 will be footed by the cardholder.

Even before boarding the plane, you are able to enjoy 2 Priority Pass access at over 1000 airport lounges annually in 300 cities worldwide, with the knowledge that your trip is in safe hands.

Cash Back on Airport Transfers

There is more! Once you return from your trip, you can enjoy up to RM80 cashback on your airport limousine or KLIA Ekspress ride home. So if your usual taxi ride home from the airport is about RM80, your ride is essentially paid for!

Step 1: Swipe 3 times in foreign currency while traveling overseas on your Priority Visa Infinite credit card. 
Step 2: Pay for your ride home via Airport Limo, Mesra Indah Jaya or KLIA Ekspres
Step 3: Get awarded with Cashback on your ride up to RM80 within 60 days

Some Infinities Are Larger Than Other Infinities

In our connected world, I don’t doubt it that you regularly charge your retail transactions to your credit card. If you are one of those people, you are able to take advantage of the Total Relationship Rewards, where you can earn 360° Reward Points from existing portfolios such as fixed deposits, personal home loans and savings account, capped at 4000 points each. This means that you not only earn from your credit card spend, but on your ongoing relationship with Standard Chartered.

When transactions are done in a foreign currency, you are entitled to get 5 times the 360° Reward Points. The best part of it all is that the reward points will not expire, EVER. What do you do after you’ve racked in all those points? You can exchange it for air miles, vouchers and other amazing rewards!

Additionally, get ready for exclusive invites to private sale events, dining deals at over 1000 restaurants and extraordinary lifestyle treats from golf, travel, lifestyle, entertainment and private club access privileges chosen for your indulgence. And, as a final sign of gratitude, your annual fee will be waived for 2 years.

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