RHB Debit Card credit card

Also available as Visa

RHB Debit Card

Whenever you need cash just use your RHB Debit Card – the ATM card that gives you more, with no government service tax.

  • RM8.00 annual fee
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Because you should be rewarded for giving the bank your business

Get 0.5% cashback on overseas retail purchases.

Fees & Charges

There are always fees but how much are they?

Annual Fee


Are you eligible for this debit card?

Minimum age for primary card holder
12 years old
Who can Apply

RHB Debit Card review

What's so good (or not so good) about it?

Spend and earn cashback when traveling with RHB Debit Card

Some people prefer to bring debit cards over credit cards when traveling overseas. Does it sound like you? If yes, then RHB Debit Card is a good travel mate for you! This debit card not only let you withdraw cash and pay for goods/services but also gives you 0.5% cashback for every overseas retail spend.

Fees and charges

Here are the fees and charges that you have to pay:

  • annual fee = RM12 (with cashback) / RM8 (without cashback)
  • card replacement = RM15 / RM12
  • ATM withdrawal = free ( RHB ATM) / RM1 (local bank MEPS) / RM4 (foreign bank MEPS) / RM12 (VISA/MasterCard Network)
  • sales draft = RM20
  • overseas transaction conversion (forex) = 1%


This RHB debit card is open for individuals aged 12 years old and above who owns RHB Bank Current or Savings Account*. Minors aged 12-18 years old must present an Indemnity Form signed by the parent or the guardian.

Important RHB Islamic Debit Card-i T&C that you need to know


Once you make a payment using your RHB Islamic Debit Card-i, a pre-authorisation amount of RM200 will be charged to your account.

Turning off the payWave function

If you feel uncomfortable with the contactless function, you can turn it off by walking into any RHB branch.

Reducing the contactless amount/count

To reduce the contactless amount or count, simply visit any RHB branch or call RHB Customer Care Center.

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