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Bank Islam RSVP Program

Your merchant is not listed under EPP? Try RSVP Plan by Bank Islam to stretch your instalment payment over 12 months at a low one-time charge.

    • Up to 12 months
    • Unrestricted selection of merchant
    • No early termination fee
  • Instalment PeriodInterest RateMinimum Amount
    6 months4.5% one-time upfront handling feeRM1000
    9 months4.5% one-time upfront handling feeRM1000
    12 months4.5% one-time upfront handling feeRM1000

    How To Apply for Bank Islam RSVP Program

    Get help with making your expensive shopping habits affordable

    To apply for RSVP Plan, you must notify Bank Islam by way of a phone call to Credit Card Customer Service at 03 2726 7799 or to Bank Islam Contact Center at 03 2690 0900 within 3 days after the purchase is made or before the next statement date.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Bank Islam RSVP Program

    Things you might want to know

    Your favorite concept store is not a participating merchant? You can still enjoy 0% profit rate on your purchase with Bank Islam RSVP (Retail Spread Value Plan) Program and convert it into manageable monthly instalments up to 12 months, at a small one-time fee.

    Who can apply?

    Open to all Principal and Supplementary cardholders of Bank Islam with good standing and sufficient financing limit, subject to terms and conditions. However, every request must be made by principal cardholders only.

    What purchase qualifies for this plan?

    Bank Islam RSVP Program only applicable for retail purchases in a single receipt. Other non-retail purchases including cash transaction/withdrawal, outstanding balances of Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO), Instalment Purchase Plan transactions, Balance Transfer and other instalment schemes from other financial institutions are not allowed.

    How does this RSVP Program work?

    Following a successful application to RSVP conversion, you will be charged a one-time handling fee of 4.5%, which will be reflected in your first statement cycle. For the second statement cycle up until the end of instalment payment, you will not be charged with additional fees and charges. 

    Bank Islam will also not charge you for paying off your instalment before the end of your tenure, but you must inform the bank head on. 

    Can I pay a minimum amount?

    Sure you can. But doing so will only get you trouble as any payment is made partially, 5% or RM50, whichever is higher from the outstanding balance, then the respective RSVP monthly instalment amount will be slapped with a normal profit charges between 13.5% to 17.5%.

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