Maybankard EzyPay PLUS

A hassle free solution to split your purchases into affordable monthly instalments for up to 24 months. Flexible payment is just a phone call away.

Maybankard EzyPay PLUS
Up to 24 months
Merchant Selection
Early Termination Fee
No Fee

Interest Rates

Transfer your debt now to enjoy special low interest fees each month!

Instalment PeriodInterest RateMinimum Amount
6 months9% p.a. and 0% one-time upfront handling feeRM500
12 months9% p.a. and 0% one-time upfront handling feeRM500
18 months9% p.a. and 0% one-time upfront handling feeRM3,000
24 months9% p.a. and 0% one-time upfront handling feeRM5,000

How to apply

Get help with making your expensive shopping habits affordable with Maybankard EzyPay PLUS.

There are three ways you can go about to apply for the Maybank EzyPay PLUS:

  1. You can call Maybank at 1300 88 6688 (Maybankard cardmembers), 1800 88 9559 (American Express cardmembers), or 1800 88 1801 (Platinum cardmembers) and mention which purchases you'd like them to convert.
  2. Walk-in to Maybank branches at One Utama, KLCC, The Gardens Mall, or Menara Maybank to request for a conversion.
  3. Or, if you're not a big talker, you can write and fax it to 03 7953 8600, or email to [email protected]
  4. Conversion via Maybank2U is also acceptable by following 4 simple steps:
    • Log in to Maybank2U
    • Select "Account & Banking"
    • Select "All Cards"
    • Select "Apply EzyPay Plus"

More Information

You love your outlet store but it does not offer 0% flexible repayment under Maybank EzyPay? Why the long face when Maybank EzyPay Plus is here to the rescue!

What can I get from Maybank EzyPay Plus?

You can convert your big purchase into smaller instalment payments every month up to 24 months at zero upfront handling charges and low interest rates. 

For 6 and 12-month tenures, you need to make a minimum purchase amount of RM500, whereas for 18 and 24-months tenures, a minimum transaction of RM3,000 and RM5,000 respectively is required.

Who can apply for this flexi payment plan?

Only principal cardholder is allowed to apply for EzyPay Plus conversion.

When can I apply for conversion?

Application of EzyPay Plus, either via calling, walk-in or online, must be made at least 3 days before the current statement date. There is also no limit as to the number of application you want to make for EzyPay Plus, however, subject to your credit standing and eligibility.

Is there a penalty for early settlement?

No, there is not. Maybank will not impose exit fee for early settlement.

What if I can't make a full payment every month?

You are advised to make a minimum amount of 5%, or RM25, of the monthly instalment amount before the statement due date to avoid being charged with the prevailing finance/management charges of 18% p.a.

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