Are you spending more than half of your salary to pay loans and bills?

When your income cannot keep up with your financial commitments, it's time to find out what you can do to manage your debt better.

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Is my monthly commitment too high?

If you earn an above average salary, but are still finding it difficult to keep up with your expenses, your monthly commitment is probably too high. Committing to a handful of debt can affect your credit profile and personal well-being. Your financial commitment is considered high if more than 50% of your monthly gross income is going to debt repayments. Ideally, you should maintain a healthy level of debt-to-income ratio so that banks will be more inclined to approve your new credit card or loan application.

Is debt consolidation a good idea?

Debt consolidation is recommended for people with high financial commitments to save on interest payments and free up cash every month. Combining outstanding debts from multiple credit facilities into a single monthly payment helps simplify your debt repayments and avoid you from late (or missing) payments. Plus, consolidating your financial commitments can improve your credit score too. If you are looking for ways to reduce your high monthly commitments, myRinggitHealth is an excellent financial management tool that can help you organize your debts.

Can myRinggitHealth help reduce my financial commitment?

Whether you want to consolidate or transfer outstanding balances to a new credit facility, myRinggitHealth will get you off on the right foot of your debt reduction goal. It helps you understand your overall financial commitment based on your credit report and recommends tips and actions to improve your credit health. You will be recommended the right consolidation options based on your circumstances – all FREE of charge. Evaluate your financial commitments today.

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