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What is financial health?

Evaluating and maintaining prudent personal finance are parts of achieving financial health. A healthy financial habit includes tracking your income and expenses, spending within your means, and putting aside savings every month. The best way to start achieving your financial goals such as being debt free and having RM1 million in your bank account before retirement, is to make personal financial checkup a recurring activity.

Why is maintaining financial health important?

Money can affect the quality of our lives in a positive or negative way, therefore it is important to foster self awareness on where you stand financially. In the RinggitPlus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2019, 43% of respondents are found spending exactly or more than their salary every month. Meanwhile, 54% of them can survive less than 3 months with their savings. Encouraging yourself to check on your financial health regularly helps you to make adjustments on your current financial situation and improve your mental wellbeing and peace of mind.

How can myRinggitHealth help improve my financial health?

myRinggitHealth by RinggitPlus is a personalised financial health checker that assesses your creditworthiness for FREE and provides you an overview of your financial activities, from how much debt you are committing and you have paid so far, to generating your credit report based on that information. You will also receive insightful next steps to improve your finances when you check your financial health today.

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