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Why do banks reject my application?

The most common reason for credit card and loan rejection is having a poor credit score. Banks will use this information to determine whether you are responsible enough to make your credit repayment as per the agreement in your new application. If you are unable to meet your current monthly repayments on time, it will affect your credit rating and chances of getting financial help.

What can I do to get financial help?

The first step before applying for a new credit card or loan from mainstream lenders is to improve your credit score. This is an important step to gain the bank’s confidence in you, as a borrower, because the score is a reflection of how well you are repaying your current and previous debts. If you have a higher score, getting financial help will be much easier. But if your score is lower, you can take action before reapplying.

Can I get financial help from myRinggitHealth?

myRinggitHealth will help you understand your borrowing capacity and overall financial situation before you apply for a new credit card or loan by generating a detailed report of your creditworthiness for FREE of charge. You will also receive personalised guides to improve your finances and get the right product recommendation. Looking for financial help to improve your cash flow? Check your credit score now!

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